le 30 novembre

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re a grade 7 and ordered a hoodie. Parents, if your child chose not to put their name on the sleeve, please write their initials in sharpie on the inside tag. These get left everywhere and they all look the same. Also, please encourage to child to remove their hoodie once a week so that it can be washed… Thanks in advance!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Mind Map- La Préhistoire due
    • Math- Subtracting Integers- pg 74 #1-9 and 12
    • Grade 7 Girls Vball practice 8:00am
  • Giving Tree Coin Drive Mon-Fri next week, nickels, dimes, quarters, loons and toons, you know the drill. Every nickel counts!

le 28 novembre

***EDIT: Tomorrow at 7pm there is a Camp Jubilee meeting. A representative from the camp will be there to discuss what camp is like, and to answer any questions. It’s great way to ease any apprehensions there might be. (side note, I went 2 years ago and it was awesome!)

Another busy day! Division 1 played against Division 2 again today in our volleyball wrap up mini tourney.

It’s Giving Tree time! The trees are up and filled with tags. Please help JKE support some families in need this holiday season. Thank you in advance.

Camp payment #1 of $75 is due tomorrow please. Cheque or payment online.

We are very rapidly coming to the end of Term 1. If you are interested in how your child is doing, please check TeacherEase.

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi- Examen de Dictee 9 (Les Plantes Carnivores)
    • Les Maths- Subtracting Integers on a Number Line #1-6
    • Diner Chaud
  • lundi- Prehistoire Mind Map due

le 27 novembre

Good luck to the Volleyball Teams who are playing Alex Hope today!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Math- Subtracting Integers- pg 69 #1-8
  • Grade 7 Camp Payment #1 $75 due jeudi
  • Examen de Dictee 9 vendredi
  • SN- Changement Climatique exaltation viendra bientôt

le 26 novembre



This morning Division 1 had a great workshop with Code Mobile. We learned how to code a fun game, using Scratch.

Just a reminder that the first payment for Camp Jubilee is due Thursday, $75. You can pay online.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Quiz- mes/mais/mets/met demain
  • Integers package due demain

le 23 novembre

Just a reminder that Monday is Report Card Prep day, dismissal is at 11:30.

The next round of hot lunch orders is open.

Les Devoirs:

  • Quiz- mes, mais, met, mets lundi
  • Math- 6 page integers package
  • Grade 7 Girls Volleyball practice 8:00am

Have a great weekend!

le 21 novembre

Division 1 had double PE today! This morning we had a mini class tournament again Mr Knox’s class, it was fun! Then after recess we had our regular PE block, where a self-evaluation for the term was completed, and after some tabata and drills, the class was shown how to overhand serve. Our season of volleyball is quickly ending, and I am sad. But I am definitely impressed at the development and improvement of our class!

Les Devoirs:

  • any outstanding my blueprint permission forms for Mme Chan
  • Neufeld Farms orders due tomrorow
  • vendredi- Adding Integers and review sheet pg 63/65 due (review? hmmm… I wonder what that could mean…)
    • Examen de Dictee 8
  • lundi- quiz: mais, mes, mets, met
    • Report Card Prep- 11:30am dismissal


I just sent out the welcome email to the online grade book program I use- TeacherEase. This will allow you to check real-time how your child is doing. If you have any questions about particular assignments, please speak with your child first, then contact me.

Please keep in mind that this is a general overview of your child’s progress, not necessarily their actual grade on their upcoming report card (but it will be close).

Also a note- Mme Chan is covering English, Health and Careers, so marks may not be update in those subjects very frequently.

le 19 novembre

This morning we were treated to a multimedia artist’s presentation, called Candy Bones. It was geared for a slightly younger audience than Division 1, so kudos to them for behaving as appropriately as they did.

Tomorrow is a Collaboration day, dismissal is 1:30pm. There is no volleyball game for either the ladies or gentlemen.

Les Devoirs:

le 16 novembre

Today was the annual WGSS- Gator Pod Cain’s Arcade! There were some fun and creative cardboard arcade games this year. Thanks to everyone who brought in $1 to support.

I collected the Integer sheet that was assigned EOD Wednesday, unless a student was away and received it today, in which case it is due Monday. Any unreceived by EOD Monday will be given a 0. I’m feeling that it might be time for an evaluation? *cough*hint*cough*

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Grade 7 Girls Vball practice
  • mardi- Collaboration day- 1:30 dismissal
  • Neufeld Farm orders due le 22 nov

Bonne fin de semaine!

*** EDIT***

I wanted to remind you about “The Impacts of Marijuana Use on the Teenage Brain” talk at WGSS on the 21st. I think it will be a valuable learning opportunity as we experience more with this new legality. You can register here.