le 27 février

We only have a few discours left to hear. If you are one of those students, you should be practicing and rehearsing and anticipating a great speech. We will conclude on Friday!

In honour of Diversity and Respect week, we will be having an assembly tomorrow afternoon.

Les Devoirs:

  • Concours- la fin!
  • 1 response de lecture

Les Choix:

  • F- Prédis ce que tu penses se passera prochain, ou comment tu penses que l’histoire se terminera, et explique quelles indices te mènent à cette conclusion. ***ne choisit pas si tu as déjà lu!***
  • F/NF-Décris quelque chose qu’un personnage a fait ou a dit que tu n’est pas d’accord avec et explique tes raisons.
  • F- Imagine que tu es le personnage principale. Comment réagirais-tu pendant les évènements que tu as lu. Même ou diffèrent? Explique.
  • F/NF- As-tu déjà lu un/des livre(s) sur cet sujet? Comment sont-ils semblables ou différents? Sinon, penses-tu que tu lirais un autre livre comme ça?
  • F/NF- Quelles questions avais-tu pendant ta lecture?  Étaient-elles répondues plus tard?  *il faut essayer de répondre à tes questions
  • F/NF- Si le texte devenait un film, qui jouerait le personnage principale? Pourquoi as-tu choisi cette personne? Si c’est déjà un filme, es-tu d’accord avec le choix? Explique.

le 26 février

WGSS Course Selection is done! Mr Juteau and Mrs Ruffo stopped in this afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who brought in a can or coin for kindness day!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence au gymnase)
  • Les Maths- Terminating/Repeating Decimals & Fractions pages
    • pg 136 NOT #8+9, pg 137 NOT #14+16 pg 140 NOT #6
    • there will be an evaluation for this tomorrow
  • Francais- 1 réponse de lecture cette semaine
    • Concours continue demain (13 more!)

le 25 février

Hope you had a lovely weekend! My daughter and I are both sick, so my weekend wasn’t as nice as it could’ve been.

Concours began today! We heard 8 speeches, 20 left to go! Be ready for tomorrow!

This week we are celebrating Kindness and Diversity. As a way to show kindness to our community, we will be collecting money and/food for our local food bank. If you can, please send a “coin or a can” tomorrow 🙂

WGSS is coming tomorrow for course selection. Today the students filled out a “My Thoughts for Next Year” sheet which will be passed on to Mrs Ruffo tomorrow.

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Concourse continue
  • Math- Writing Repeating Decimals as Fractions due demain

It’s going to be chilly this week, especially with the wind. Please remind your child to dress accordingly! I’m seeing lots of hoodies as outer layers…

le 22 février

Great job to our Leadership students who ran several PAWS assemblies today!

On that note, we reviewed a couple school policies that I will refresh your memories with. First, no hats worn inside the school. The only exception is in our class with a coupon. Next, an updated cellphone policy. 15 minutes before and after school students are not to be on their phones unless they are checking in with their guardians. No social media, no games etc. This is considered to be supervised time, and just as phones are not permitted during class, the same policy applies here. Any questions can de directed to Mrs Lainchbury.

CONCOURS STARTS MONDAY. Please be ready to present!!! Practice practice practice!!!

Math test corrections due Monday.

A few notes about next week- Monday is Report Card Prep Day, school is dismissed at 11:30AM. Tuesday WGSS is coming to do course selection.

***edit- Thank you to all parents for their contributions for Staff Appreciation Week. You always do an amazing job, we eat so well and feel so loved, thank you!

***Les Choix de Réponse de Lecture

  • F-Décris le personnage principal- physique et personnalité. Est-il/elle aimable? Te rappel-t-il/elle de quelqu’un d’autre? Explique.
  • F- Compare le conflit de l’histoire à l’un d’un autre histoire. Comment sont-ils semblables? Différents?​
  • NF-Choisit 4 ou 5 mots de vocabulaire qui sont nouveaux, intéressants, puissants. Écris leurs définitions, et utilise-les dans des nouvelles phrases.
  • F/NF-Y a-t-il un message à apprendre dans le texte? Explique comment tu peut l’appliquer à ta vie.
  • F-Fait une prédiction- qu’est-ce qui se passera prochain. Pourquoi penses-tu cela?​
  • F/NF-Fait une lien. Est-ce qu’un personnage ou évènement de l’histoire te rappelle d’un autre? Ou de la vie actuelle?

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Repeating Decimals sheet
  • Any outstanding work (Science and Socials) is due ASAP!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

le 20 février

Hope everyone was safe driving around yesterday afternoon, my commute home was definitely stressful!

French speech presentations start MONDAY. Please check make sure your child is on track to present. Friday we will try and so some small group presenting in anticipation of Monday. These play a big role in second term French marks. I will be pushing hard to get through all 28 next week.

Tomorrow evening is the WGSS Band Concert, 7pm. All students are encouraged to attend.

You may want to check TeacherEase and see how your child is doing. Next week I will going over current marks and deciding if I need to assign any Incomplete Reports. If your child has an F in any subject, and there is any outstanding work, completing and submitting to me ASAP is a good way to avoid an I-report. Thank you in advance.

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi- diner chaud
    • Math- Terminating/Repeating Decimal sheet (expect a quick eval)
    • SH- ppt slide on Agriculture Mesopotamienne (office.com)
    • Francais- discours prêt pour lundi!!!

le 19 février

It feels like I haven’t taught in forever! Hope you all had a wonderful Family Day weekend, full of family, or whatever you wanted it to be 🙂

Please anticipate that your child will have lots of work to complete/catch up on in the next 2 weeks. The end of term/report cards are coming up faster than I can teach and we need finish up a lot before then.

Operations with decimals math test was given back today. Anyone with 33.5 or less is welcome to redo the questions they got wrong (correctly). A full set of corrections will lead to a bump up in letter grade on the test. A good opportunity for those that got Cs, C-s and Fs…

PINK WGSS Course Selection forms were due today. Please send them back to me ASAP please. Course selection is next week.

The WGSS Band Concert is this Thursday evening. What a great opportunity!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Bball game (gents and ladies) demain
  • Math- Terminating/Repeating Decimals page due demain
  • SN- Astronautes et Voyages Spatiales Qs due demain
  • 1 response de lecture cette semaine
  • OUTSTANDING WORK- Dieu Mesopotamian projet LATE, DUE ASAP
    • SN- Mission Spatiale- Ligne Chronologique- DUE ASAP

le 13 février

From Mrs Sollows:

“Student Illness   

This is definitely the season for flu and viruses, colds and fevers, and an assortment of other illnesses. If your child has a fever, is vomiting, coughing a lot or has diarrhea, please do not send them to school and please keep them home until 24 hours after their last symptoms (i.e. fever, vomiting, diarrhea) Also, if your child is not going to be attending school due to illness or holiday, you can inform the teacher, but please also inform the office by phone or email (ssollows@sd35.bc.ca). This way, if the teacher is absent, then the school is still aware of your child’s absence.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.”

Hope you enjoyed your extra long weekend (or maybe you didn’t get to but your child did). They were definitely very excited today. Just because we missed 2 days of school doesn’t mean any work we were to complete those days goes out the door. It means we need to pack it into the remaining days we have. That means quick turnarounds and deadlines. The end of second term is VERY close.

*Reminder* Friday is a Pro D Day and Monday is Family Day. Have a wonderful long weekend 🙂 

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Converting Fractions to. Decimals package EVALUATION IMMINENT.
  • PINK WGSS Course Selection Forms due Feb 19

*We missed our field trip for the French Film on Monday. When I have more information about rescheduling or refunds I will let you know.

le 8 février

Brrrr. Chilly today!

Yesterday Div 1 spent some time learning how to weave the Salish way.

Monday is our field trip to Landmark Surrey for the French Film Festival. Please remind your child that eating is not permitted in the theatre, the concessions will not be open. We will have our snack before we leave, and they are giving us a snack for after the movie.

Les Devoirs:

  • SH- Dieu Mesopotamien Affiche et Statue due lundi
  • Math- Decimal Fractions package due lundi
  • Discours- 3 middle paragraphs due lundi
  • PINK course selections forms due Feb 19 (signed by parent and student!)

The end of second term is RAPIDLY approaching. Brace yourselves for a jam packed next couple weeks.

Bonne fin de semaine!