le 15 mars


Today was a big clean out day. Students should be coming home with all their papers from Term 2, do with what you will. They should also have a list of supplies they need refreshing or replacing- especially a CALCULATOR and a GEOMETRY SET. We will absolutely be using them next term.

*side note for calculators: we were using them a bit this week and some students were especially rough on them, we were finding little bits of calculator sprinkled around the room. Perhaps a discussion on appropriate handling and use of technology might be necessary.

There is no official homework over the break, except to be safe and have a wonderful time. Everyone is always encouraged to read as much as possible, and perhaps find a little exposure to the French language (music, television, movies, text, magazines) is always useful.

Be prepared to jump right in upon return, term 3 will fly by faster than anyone ever expects, and is always full of special events and distractions but we have a lot to cover.

Bonnes Vacances!

***a special congratulations to Isobel McNeill and Danika White who will represent JKE at the Langley Concours d’Arts Oratoires on Friday April 5th at Belmont. Bravo les filles!

le 12 mars

We must be getting close to the break because holy smokes management was an issue today. That being said, we had little buddies today, and our class pretended to be their little buddy’s parent so they could practice for their conferences tomorrow. All the “parents” that were in my room did a great job.

Reminder that conferences are tomorrow. There are still some time slots available, please contact myself or Mme Sollows for availability. Myself tomorrow and Mme Chan on Thursday. Also a reminder that because of conferences, early dismissal the next 2 days, 1:45pm.

Education Physique demain (on commence là).

le 11 mars

Today we did a fun Math assignment applying our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percent with Fruit Loops. The students were asked NOT to eat the cereal until the end and they did great!

Students will be fined $10 each for not having their instruments tomorrow. Be prepared.

Just a reminder that conferences are this week, please sign up online if you’d like to meet with myself or Mme Chan. It will be a good opportunity to discuss term 3 and next year’s outlook based on the last 2 terms.

Early Dismissal Wednesday and Thursday, 1:45pm.

4 more days!!!

le 8 mars

Happy Report Card Day! I hope you take a little time to read over the report, discuss the comments that Mme Chan and I have written. They are meant to encourage continued or improved success in third term! Any concerns we can discuss at conferences (see Wednesdays post for more information)

Today was our last Enrichment of second term.

Les Devoirs:

  • SN- Contributions Canadiennes PPT (please share with me ASAP!)
  • Math- F/D/P page from Wednesday

Have a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to SPRING forward…

le 6 mars

The website to sign up for Conferences is now open, you can click HERE to access, Mrs Sollows also sent an email this afternoon. Please keep in mind that I will be available to conference on Wednesday and Mme Chan will be available to conference on Thursday. If you would like to meet with either of us but cannot make those days, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment for a different day.

Les Devoirs:

  • Pour vendredi- Examen de Dictee 17
    • diner chaud
    • orchestre
    • math page (F/D/%)
    • 1 response de lecture
  • SN- Les Contributions Canadiennes PPT is due Friday EOD. You can access yours via http://www.office.com at home to finish. Share to hsoo@sd35.bc.ca. Don’t forget to rename your presentation!

Les Choix:

  • F-Décris le cadre de l’histoire (où il se passe). Pourquoi est-il important pour le déroulement de l’histoire?
  • F-Qui raconte l’histoire? Quelle point de vue est-ce? Comment le sais-tu?
  • F-Décris comment un personnage a changé pendant l’histoire. Est-il un bon changement ou non? Explique.
  • F-Que prédis-tu se passera prochain? Pourquoi penses-tu ceci?
  • F-Si tu pouvais changer quelque chose de ton histoire, que changerais-tu? Pourquoi?
  • F/NF-Quelle est l’idée principale du texte? Comment le sais-tu? Quelle leçon peut-on apprendre?

le 5 mars

Today we were treated to a performance by the WGSS Concert Band. It was so lovely to see some former JKE students! The thing that stood out the most to me was the difference in spectator behaviour between ALL of the JKE students, and the WGSS students who were watching the jazz band perform. Definitely an indication of improvement needed on our part.

Grade 8 Math Challenge Exam at WGSS at 3pm today! Bonne chance!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Les Maths- Fraction, Decimal, percentage Qs
  • SN- Contributions powerpoint due EOD demain
  • Une réponse de lecture cette semaine
  • Examen de Dictee 17 vendredi

le 4 mars

I cannot believe it is March already!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry I didn’t post Friday afternoon, I was having the worst day and needed to leave as quickly as possible after school. (I had am amazing weekend, however, and am feeling super refreshed and energized!)

Report Cards will be available Friday. Conferences are taking place next week.

Les Devoirs:

  • Les Maths- Fraction/Decimal/Percent package
  • No instruments tomorrow