le 30 avril

Today we saw Les PeeWees. I enjoyed it! There was a bit of rough language, but the story was really interesting and powerful. There were. many instances of dialogue that were tricky, but easy enough to understand. I had the students respond to the movie today, you should ask them what they thought of it too!

Tomorrow is Track and Field Day! Appropriate dress, including runners is absolutely necessary, as well as a water bottle. And don’t forget sunscreen! We will be outside basically all day.

We had our last meeting before camp, reminding students of a few things. First, everyone’s gear goes through the heat treatment room, so pack accordingly. Toiletries should be packed in a easy to remove bag so nothing melts. Sleeping bag and pillow should be packed in a labelled garbage bag, and bring an extra bag! No cell phones or any other electronics except a non-precious camera. Also no snacks, we don’t want to attract mice/rats or other animals. Food is plentiful at camp, no one goes hungry. Please arrive Monday morning between 7:30 and 7:45 am and check in with me.


le 29 avril

Tomorrow is our French Film Field Trip. We are leaving at about 9 and will be back sometime around 12:30. There is no eating permitted in the theatre, I will have snacks to eat afterwards and we will eat lunch upon return. Just a reminder that we are representing JKE and need to be on our best behaviour.

Wednesday is our JKE Track and Field Day. Students are reminded to dress accordingly; proper runners, a change of socks and water bottle are a must.

Homework- Math- 3 pages algebraic expressions and equations due demain.

le 26 avril

Busy day! And busy week coming up! Mme Chan brought in the Fraser Valley Search and Rescue team yesterday (super cool). It was a tie in to reading the Hatchet. I’ve brought them in before and I love when the class asks them questions about surviving like Brian does in the book 🙂

Any leftover Jump Rope envelopes please send back ASAP.

Math Homework- ph 18/19 (Algebraic Expressions) #1-10 due lundi

Camp Countdown- 10 days!!

Happy Avengers:Endgame Weekend!!!

Le 24 avril

Today was one of my favourite days of the school year. Mr Baker, a former teacher, current Abbotsford police office and parent in our class, came in to chat with the grade sevens about drug use. 339AB5BF-1BE7-442C-B627-5A5AA5262BA1What I really like about his chat, is that it’s not about telling them things, because, as you know, 12/13 year olds are always right, and know everything. He asks him what they know, shares his own knowledge, and reminds them that every choice we make has consequences, whether good or bad. We listened to a 911 call about a girl who was overdosing at a party, and watched some videos on the effects of drugs on a couple individuals. Lastly, he asked them what their plan is if and when they are offered drugs. Often saying no and walking away isn’t an option. So, what’s your plan? I suggest debriefing with your child about today. Ask them what their plan is, maybe help them develop some strategies. One suggestion we teachers make is for you to have a code word that your child can text that notifies you that they need removal from a situation (perhaps no questions asked).

Today was a crazy day! There is no homework except that Jump Rope envelopes are due back tomorrow, even if you didn’t fundraiser anything, we ask for all envelopes to be returned.

A few upcoming events next week:

Monday- PAWS Assembly

Tuesday- French movie field trip

Wednesday- Track and Field Day

Thursday- “Screenagers” presentation

Friday- Pro D Day

And camp is the following week!!! CRAZY!!!


le 23 avril

Happy 4 day week!

Les Devoirs:

  • Jump Rope for Heart remain (we are jumping and leading the stations!)
  • Education Physique demain
  • Math- Words and Symbols page AND Matching Algebraic Equations page pour demain


Joyeuses Pacques everyone!! Hope your long weekend has been eggstra special!

Just a couple reminders for tomorrow- we have band, don’t forget your instruments! Also, the Changements Physiques et Chimiques Mini Projet is due tomorrow. Don’t forget to use the links on the web quest page.

À demain!

le 17 avril

Many students are going to experience some problems next year if their inability to stop talking while a teacher is teaching is any indication.

closeup photo of gray cat

It is SO frustrating to explain concepts and give directions multiple times and then be asked immediately afterwards questions that I JUST answered…

Students were asked to do an impromptu reading response after silent reading today… I can’t wait to read all their DEEP THOUGHTS in their BEST FRENCH.

***I AM LOOKING FOR 2 DRIVERS FOR PLAYLAND (SEATS FOR 5 STUDENTS). You don’t even have to stay, I just need vehicles to get them there and back. Please contact me!

Thank you to everyone for getting their camp forms in. Once final numbers are tabulated and sent to Camp Jubilee, we’ll know our final cost and can pass that information on to you. Camp Countdown: 19 days!

The only homework: Science Mini-Projet: Les Changements Physiques et Chimiques et questions. Due mardi

Also, Jump Rope for Heart is next week, get out and fundraise!

le 16 avril

Reminder that all 3 camp forms are due tomorrow! 

Also, I am still in need of 1 or 2 drivers for Playland. I need seats for 5 more students. If you are able to spend the day with us at Playland (it’s fun!), we would really appreciate it!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence là)
  • Playland forms due ASAP

le 15 avril

It was with a sad heart that I share with you the passing of Mme Fontaine after an extremely courageous and graceful battle with cancer. Some of the students in our class had her in grade 3, and many others knew of her. She was unfailingly kind and gracious and will be incredibly missed. Mrs King announced it to the class this morning, as I struggled with my emotions, and I appreciate the level of maturity Division 1 showed throughout the day. Please check in with your child this afternoon or evening, as we all process grief in different ways.

Math test was postponed until tomorrow.

Les Devoirs

  • Orchestre demain
  • Math test demain (calculating percent, tax, tip, discount)
  • SN- Changement Physique/Chimique feuille
  • SH- Page Titre- Les Civilisations Anciennes due EOD demain (probablement temps en classe)
  • Camp forms due wednesday
  • Playland and French Film forms due ASAP