le 11 juin

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I attended Mme Fontaine’s Celebration of Life in the afternoon, which was lovely.

Tomorrow is the final Band Concert of the year. Matinee at 1:00pm and evening show at 7:00pm. Students are encouraged to wear black/dark colours. It’s going to be very warm tomorrow so dress lightly as well. Students are reminded that performing at the evening show is strongly recommended.

Students were assigned their final French project of the year. We are having a Lip Synch Battle! In groups, students have chosen their songs, and are preparing their presentations. If you have never seen an episode of the actual show, I suggest you check it out. Each group must also analyze the lyrics, identifying and explaining the figurative language found in the song (we are studying poetry this term). There are 4 more work periods (2 iPads and 2 laptops), and the Battle is happening next Friday, June 21.

Our final Science test is happening on Friday- La Chimie. I sent home a test outline on green paper yesterday, containing all the vocabulary/concepts we have studied this term.

We are currently studying circles in Math, and will be having our unit test on Monday. I will have a criteria sheet on Friday. There is a Math worksheet (area of circles) due tomorrow.

Cultus Lake permission forms and payment is due Monday!

À demain.