le 12 juin

Band Concert Day! The matinee went well (it was warm though… wow). Tonight, grade 7s are instructed to arrive between 6:45 and 7 (earlier is fine), to the music room. We won’t be setting up our instruments until later in the evening. Devices are fine for the waiting time as long as appropriate usage is occurring. They are to be stored away during the performance, not in your pocket. I will hold on to them if you like. Please dress appropriately. Dark coloured clothes but not heavy! It’s going to be just as warm this evening!

Friday is our Chemistry exam. PLEASE STUDY. I do not use the word exam lightly. Use the  green feuille de revision to help guide your studying!

Area of circles math is due Friday.

Cultus permission forms due Monday.

Math test Monday- all things circles. I will have a review sheet Friday.

Battaille de Lip Synch- next Friday!