le 24 juin

3. More. Days!

Today we began setting up and decorating the gym for tomorrow. It’s starting to look pretty good! Tomorrow we will be in there for the morning, finishing decorating, and doing a run through of the ceremony.

Tomorrow afternoon is our Class Auction! Thank you to everyone who has donated something for it, I really appreciate it! I am still collecting items if you have anything last minute to send.

Just a reminder about tomorrow:


6:00 – Families arrive

There will be chairs for the first 350 guests and benches and standing room IF we go over that.  No tickets required.   

6:15 – Ceremony (certificates, speeches, baby picture slide show)

7:15 – 7:45 – cleanup with parents

7:45students sign in/drop off phone with teachers

7:45 – 9:00 – Dance  (students only, teachers will chaperone, small parent crew will be helping with food and clean up)

9:00 – Parents pick up students at JKE