le 25 juin

Auction Day!!


Auction Goodies!!


Monies Collected!

Thanks again to everyone who sent something in for the auction We had so much stuff and almost everyone was able to win something. If they seem to be a hyped up on sugar, they probably are. It was mostly food for sure.

See you tonight! Reminder:

  • Doors open at 6:00, first 350 people get chairs, then its standing room only
  • 6:15 ceremony
  • 7:45 Dance SIGN IN, the parent must sign their child in. At that point, if the student has a phone, the parent can take it or it will be locked up in office until the dance is over
  • 9:00 pick up

Another reminder: TOMORROW IS CULTUS!

Come prepared, we have no idea what kind of weather we are going to get. It’s also a really long day so a positive attitude will be appreciative.

We anticipate returning to JKE between 5:45 and 6:00pm tomorrow. The buses pick us up from Cultus at 4:30. We will be updating the office on our progress.

Phones are NOT PERMITTED tomorrow. If they are seen they will get taken away. Staff will have their devices if contact is needed. Thank you in advance.