le 28 octobre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week is shaping up to be busy busy busy!

I see that many of you have already signed up for conferences. I cannot wait to chat with you and your child about their progress so far this year. If possible, please have your child attend the conference, there is no one better to reflect, explain and answer questions related to their year so far. Unless you have an important issue you’d like to address without them present.

If you have yet to sign up, there are lots of spaces still available. If you cannot make either of those dates, please email me to set up another time.

I am still in need of drivers for our field trip to The Rock Wall next Wednesday. You don’t have to stay, you can drop off and pick up! Also, permissions are due back please!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Adding Integers Project due EOD remain (time in class to complete)
  • demain et mercredi- 1h45 dismissal- Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Scholastic Book Fair- demain à jeudi (we are going during class time tomorrow)
  • Climbing Perm due AVQP
  • Ski/SB perm

le 23 octobre

Division 1’s volleyball skills are really progressing! After assessing their volleying skills, we played a game for the last half of PE and it went really well.

This afternoon we spent the majority of the time working on our Lascaux art. It is very evident that many of our classmates are not using their time wisely, as the due date was extended twice and some still did not finish. While quiet conversation is permitted, if it derails you from focusing on the task at hand, a better choice about how you’re spending your time needs to be made. You are not being evaluated on how well you chit chat with your friends. On a related note- the projects look great!

Just a reminder that Examen de Dictee 6 is tomorrow with Mme Asimakis.

Les Devoirs:

  • pour Mme Asimakis- brain stuff? 
  • lundi- Quiz À/A/As
    • Math- page 58/59 #1-12
  • Climbing permission due Wednesday
  • Ski/SB permission

le 22 octobre

The permission form for our field trip to The Rock Wall on November 6th. I am looking for drivers to take us there and back. If you are able to drive please fill out the little slip, or email me. If you’d like to climb while you’re there, I have a waiver for adults to complete. The cost for you is also $18. This is a great alternative physical education lesson for the students to experience!

We started adding integers today. I would recommend you check in with your child and see if they can restate the rules, or show you how to solve a problem or 2. Most finished the work in class today and seemed confident when asked to reflect on their comprehension. But the best way to really understand a topic is to teach it to someone else!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence là)
  • Math- Adding Integers
  • Climbing Perm (due back next Wednesday please)
  • Ski/SB Perm
  • jeudi- Examen de Dictee 6 (avec Mme Asimakis)
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé
  • lundi- Quiz: Les Homophones À/A/As

le 21 octobre

It’s Election Day! We read an article in class today about the Election, it was interesting to hear/overhear some students who have been following along. I hope all the adults exercise their right to vote!

Today was not our best demonstration of work ethic. There were many students who struggled to stay on task and complete their work in a timely manner. We have a lot to cover this year and it is expected that everyone pulls their own weight. That means focusing and finishing class work efficiently, asking for help/clarification when needed, and leaving socializing for more opportune moments. With conferences coming up next week I look forward to sharing my observations of these things with you 🙂

A note from our wonderful room parent, Michele:

Spooktacular is this Friday, and we still have a lot of opportunities for you to volunteer! Slots are 30 minutes in length.  Parents of students who need to be there because every student needs an adult present but they don’t need to hang out with you this is a great chance for you to sign up for mulitiple slots – sign up with a friend and hang out at the duck pond or bean bag toss for the evening. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up ! The early hours are looking pretty good for volunteers.   Here is the link  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e094eacad2aa4f58-spooktacular1

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain
  • Ski/SB forms
  • watch election results!
  • jeudi- Examen de Dictee 6 (avec Mme Asimakis)
  • vendredi- Jour de Development Professional (Congé)
  • lundi- Quiz- Les homophones à/a

le 18 octobre

It’s Fri-yay!

Despite the downpour this afternoon, everyone pitched in to help Mrs King take the tables out of the storage locker and into the gym. Thats the kind of Grade 7 Leadership I like to see! Rappelle-moi de vous tous donner 1$!

Les Devoirs:

  • lundi- Photo Retakes in the morning
    • Quiz- al/eau/ou/au/ail aux pluriel
    • Math- Integers stuff
    • SN-Virus Living NonLiving CER if you haven’t shared with me yet
  • Ski/SB forms

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 16 octobre

Today was a pretty chill day. The students worked really well this morning, and worked up quite the sweat in PE today, we did add ons for our fitness component. We also had a pop quiz in Math.

Pour Mme Asimakis demain:

  • Auto-evaluation (brouillon)
  • Recherche- Pays Francophone

Other Devoirs:

  • vendredi: Examen de Dictee 5
    • Math- Integers booklet
  • lundi- Quiz- les mots au pluriel
  • Ski/SB permissions

le 15 octobre

Welcome back! Today was a busy day, we got a lot of work done, bravo les amis!

Many Ligne Chronologiques were not handed in today… please submit them as quickly as possible.

Today we watched a video about Otzi the Ice Man. It was really cool to see a primary source in action and how scientists were able to extract all the information they could from him. The students completed a response after watching the video, which I am reading through. We are really working on our critical thinking and reasoning using sources. Some are really showing progress/understanding!

Photo retakes are next Monday.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education physique demain
  • Math- Comparing/Ordering Integers booklet (NOT pg 86 #2)
    • Extra for Experts IF directed OR as a challenge
  • Virus: Living/Nonliving CERs due ASAP (office.com)
  • Ski/SB forms
  • Pour Mme Asimakis: Auto-Evaluation et Recherche (brouillons)

Je Suis Remerciante

14145A10-48EB-4395-96CB-B6070F5977A2.jpegHope you are having a loving weekend. I am thankful for my family and friends, and for all of you wonderful students I get to spend my days with.

Just a couple reminders for tomorrow:

  • orchestre
  • ligne chronologique due
  • quiz Ces/Ses

À demain!

le 11 octobre

Tuff Wally! Today was so much fun! We are so lucky to always be included in WGSS events. Felicitation to our students who participated in the event, and hopefully everyone else had a good time cheering them on and participating in the other events. It’s all for a great cause!

There is LOTS expected to be finished for Tuesday. The socials timeline on early man is due. Students have had a lot of time in class to be working on it, unfinished work will be strongly questioned, especially since its a long weekend.

As well, we have a quiz: Ces/Ses and the math from Wednesday should be complete.

Today the information package and permission forms went home for the Ski/Snowboard trip for this year. We are ALL going during the day on 3 Wednesdays in January. Please carefully look over the package and select the best option for your child. If you are picking an item from the lunch package, your child will receive that same option every week. There are 4 pages to be returned by December 6th. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

I wish you all a lovely long weekend 🙂

le 9 octobre

Tuff Wally is on Friday! I am still waiting for a few permission forms, I spoke to those students today. Please remind your child to DRESS ACCORDINGLY. It is supposed to be nice, but chilly. Also, think appropriate footwear!

Pour Mme Asimakis demain:

  • Auto-Evaluation- brouillon
  • Recherche- Pays Francophone

Les Devoirs:

  • Vendredi- Examen de Dictée 4, orchestre, diner chaud
  • Lundi- Action de Grace
  • Mardi- Ligne Chronologique due (see yesterday’s post for criteria)
    • Quiz Ses/Ces
    • Math- Comparing/Ordering Integers