le 4 octobre

Fridays go by so quick! I am having a blast in my Enrichment, I hope everyone else is too!

Mme Asimakis and I have both really appreciated Div 1s reception to feedback this week.  It really helps when everyone works together to transition quickly and clean up thoroughly. 1$ pour tout le mode lundi matin!

Tuff Wally is next Friday. I know I said the walking permission sent home this week covered our trips to WGSS, but I was mistaken. I will have the actual WGSS permission form Monday, and it will have a quick turnaround time. My apologies.

Les Devoirs:

  • Quiz- Son/Sont lundi
  • Quiz- Verbes ER au present lundi
  • Math- Integers 2.10 due lundi
  • Walking permission forms- I would still like these so we can head to the parks and such nearby!
  • Pour Mme Asimakis: complete l’auto-evaluation ecrite (brouillon)
    • complete la recherche de ton pays (brouillon)

Bonne fin de semaine!