le 15 octobre

Welcome back! Today was a busy day, we got a lot of work done, bravo les amis!

Many Ligne Chronologiques were not handed in today… please submit them as quickly as possible.

Today we watched a video about Otzi the Ice Man. It was really cool to see a primary source in action and how scientists were able to extract all the information they could from him. The students completed a response after watching the video, which I am reading through. We are really working on our critical thinking and reasoning using sources. Some are really showing progress/understanding!

Photo retakes are next Monday.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education physique demain
  • Math- Comparing/Ordering Integers booklet (NOT pg 86 #2)
    • Extra for Experts IF directed OR as a challenge
  • Virus: Living/Nonliving CERs due ASAP (office.com)
  • Ski/SB forms
  • Pour Mme Asimakis: Auto-Evaluation et Recherche (brouillons)