le 22 octobre

The permission form for our field trip to The Rock Wall on November 6th. I am looking for drivers to take us there and back. If you are able to drive please fill out the little slip, or email me. If you’d like to climb while you’re there, I have a waiver for adults to complete. The cost for you is also $18. This is a great alternative physical education lesson for the students to experience!

We started adding integers today. I would recommend you check in with your child and see if they can restate the rules, or show you how to solve a problem or 2. Most finished the work in class today and seemed confident when asked to reflect on their comprehension. But the best way to really understand a topic is to teach it to someone else!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence là)
  • Math- Adding Integers
  • Climbing Perm (due back next Wednesday please)
  • Ski/SB Perm
  • jeudi- Examen de Dictee 6 (avec Mme Asimakis)
  • vendredi- Jour de Congé
  • lundi- Quiz: Les Homophones À/A/As