le 23 octobre

Division 1’s volleyball skills are really progressing! After assessing their volleying skills, we played a game for the last half of PE and it went really well.

This afternoon we spent the majority of the time working on our Lascaux art. It is very evident that many of our classmates are not using their time wisely, as the due date was extended twice and some still did not finish. While quiet conversation is permitted, if it derails you from focusing on the task at hand, a better choice about how you’re spending your time needs to be made. You are not being evaluated on how well you chit chat with your friends. On a related note- the projects look great!

Just a reminder that Examen de Dictee 6 is tomorrow with Mme Asimakis.

Les Devoirs:

  • pour Mme Asimakis- brain stuff? 
  • lundi- Quiz À/A/As
    • Math- page 58/59 #1-12
  • Climbing permission due Wednesday
  • Ski/SB permission