le 28 octobre

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week is shaping up to be busy busy busy!

I see that many of you have already signed up for conferences. I cannot wait to chat with you and your child about their progress so far this year. If possible, please have your child attend the conference, there is no one better to reflect, explain and answer questions related to their year so far. Unless you have an important issue you’d like to address without them present.

If you have yet to sign up, there are lots of spaces still available. If you cannot make either of those dates, please email me to set up another time.

I am still in need of drivers for our field trip to The Rock Wall next Wednesday. You don’t have to stay, you can drop off and pick up! Also, permissions are due back please!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Adding Integers Project due EOD remain (time in class to complete)
  • demain et mercredi- 1h45 dismissal- Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Scholastic Book Fair- demain à jeudi (we are going during class time tomorrow)
  • Climbing Perm due AVQP
  • Ski/SB perm