le 29 novembre


IMG_0596 2After being inspired by story on Global News, I tasked Division 1 with creating a holiday card for a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who will spend the holidays overseas and away from their families. Below are some of the cards that were created. Aren’t they lovely? And what’s more were the heartfelt messages written inside. Bravo les amis! I will be attaching stamps and sending these off so they make it in time.


We had another very busy day! Band is gearing up for the holiday concert in a couple weeks (students should be practicing even more now!). The term is ending very soon and we are in a tight race to finish everything on time.

Just a reminder: Ski/SB forms are due back next Friday. I will be reaching out to those who have not yet sent back forms. Remember to check every page over for places to sign. There is a place where both custodial parents must sign. I will send back forms that do not meet the criteria.

Last reminder: Socials skits on early man (nomad to farmer) presentations are TUESDAY. There will be one more class period to prepare. As I handed back the Ligne Chronologique: Les Hommes Prehistoriques, I told students that many were not completed satisfactorily. These skits are their last attempt to positively influence overall Socials mark this term.

Have a wonderful weekend!

le 27 novembre

We had another VERY busy day!

Thank you to everyone who brought in their Mental Well-Being Toolkits today. Remember, you are conferencing with Mme Asimakis tomorrow so they must be submitted before then.

Ski/SB forms are due next week. I am definitely missing at least half the class’ forms so get those in ASAP. I will try and remember to post a copy on here on Friday should you happen to have misplaced yours.

A handful of students need to submit their Mon Passe-Temps Prefere paragraphs tonight. If you stayed in at recess and didn’t share your document yet, I am talking to you.

It was chilly and windy today! Another reminder to dress accordingly.

A vendredi! Go Jaggies!

le 26 novembre

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I am hearing that a cold snap is headed our way tomorrow. If possible, please remind your child about appropriate outerwear. Unfortunately the grade 7 hoodies really are not thick enough to provide enough insulation from the cold. Toques and mitts are also recommended.

Report card season is upon us! Deadlines are really becoming more and more stringent as Mme Asimakis and I work on finalizing grades and comments for Term 1. We still have a few major assignments and tests to complete, thank you in advance for your support. Also, if you anticipate your child is going to be away during the next 2 weeks, please let us know so we can ensure they are prepared to complete assignments promptly upon return.

The Young Entrepreneur Show is next Wednesday! If your child is participating in this enrichment opportunity, they should be neck deep in preparation. As well, your YA teachers would like to remind you that the following must be brought and ready for the fair:

  • Typed business plan
  • Large posters
  • Small posters
  • All products
  • Cash flow box
  • All materials needed for the display (table cloth, stands, samples, etc)
  • Tape, scissors, pens, etc.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Good copy (typed and shared on office.com) of Mon Pass-Temps Prefere due EOD demain
  • Ski/SB permission due NEXT FRIDAY
  • Giving Tree Helper applications due EOD demain

le 22 novembre


Today flew by! We have so much work to accomplish with such little time… many students worked really well today.

A note from Mme Asimakis:

Hello Division 1,
Just a friendly reminder that the Mental Well-being Toolkit is due on Wednesday, November 27th @2:45pm. If you are handing in a physical copy of your project please leave it on the side desks by the windows. If you are handing in a digital copy please email it to me by 2:45pm on November 27th. My email is easimakis@sd35.bc.ca. A friendly reminder that you will be meeting with me on Thursday, November 28th for a 2-3minute meeting to discuss your project and your personal strategies that can positively affect your mental well being.
I am very happy that many students used their in class work time yesterday very wisely and are practically done the project. My final reminder for you all is to ensure that you have read the project criteria in order to be as successful as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Have a great weekend.
Just a reminder that there is so school for students on Monday. (They have work to do though!)

Les Devoirs:

  • mardi: orchestre, Quiz: mes/mais/met/mets x2
    • we are also typing up good copies of POTW- Mon Pass-Temps Prefere
  • Mental Well-being Toolkits due mercredi (see note above)

I didn’t mention this on Wednesday, but the students were introduced to a new online anonymous reporting tool, called ERASE Report It. If students ever need to report concerning activites/behaviour that they are witnessing (in person or online), this gives them an anonymous method to do so. We want all of our community to be safe and feel safe. The link is also on the WebQuest page.

Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday!

le 19 novembre

Well today was interesting. 10 students gone to Me 2 We, 19 students in the class. It was fun. We did some work, we had some fun. It was a good day.

Just a reminder that Neufeld Farms Fundraiser orders are due on Nov 28. The proceeds go towards grade 7 camp, which lowers the overall cost for everyone. I have extra order forms if you need one.

Reminder- Math Test Friday: Operations with Integers

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence là)
  • Math- Dividing Integers (first sheet only)
  • Examen de Dictee 8 vendredi
  • Ski/SB forms
  • lundi- Jour de Congé
  • mardi- Quiz: mes/mais/mets/met

le 18 novembre

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! The weather wasn’t exactly cooperative…

Today, a couple of nursing students came in to discuss part of the Health curriculum, in particular puberty and the encompassing changes. The major take aways I always stress are a) its natural, everyone goes through, be supportive and b) take regular showers and be mindful of your hygiene. Next week, the nurses will return to discuss a few other areas of the health curriculum.

Friday we have a math test! Operations with Integers! It would be advisable to check in with your child and make sure they know what they’re doing. There are great Youtube videos that explain how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers if revision is required.

We also did an online simulation activity related to natural selection and the peppered moths around the time of the industrial revolution. Ask your child about it!

Several of our classmates are headed to Me 2 We tomorrow. Have an amazing time!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre demain
  • Math- Multiplying and Dividing Integers sheet (partner and maze)
  • Math Test Friday
  • Examen de Dictee 8 vendredi
  • lundi- Jour de Congé


le 15 novembre

Halfway through November already??

Thanks to everyone who brought money for Cain’s Arcade today. It was a good showing of games this year, and nice to see some familiar faces!

Some of our students wrote the Beaver Computing Challenge today! It’s an online challenge put on by the University of Waterloo. It’s mathematical in focus (computation and logic) inspired by computer science. Bravo les Amis!

Next week is a full week of school, yay! We will have a Dictee, and will continue to work through operations with integers (division next!), natural selection, early man and the Giver. First term will be over before we know it, it’s time to hunker down and get things done!

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Multiplying Integers
  • anything for Mme Asimakis
  • Neufeld Farms Fundraiser
  • Ski/SB forms

Young Entrepreneurs Homework:

-All black and white adds should be handed in by Monday
-Booklet pages up to 26
-Small posters
-Creating their products
The show is December 4th!!
Bonne fin de semaine!!

le 13 novembre

A note from Mme Asimakis:

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow will be our second work period for our mental-well being toolkit project. I will book laptops for those who may need them. Please remember to bring any supplies you may need to start putting your project together. Some students have already asked me if they can work on their project at home. I have planned this project with plenty of in class work time, and if time is used appropriately students should have no problem completing the project by the deadline. If you would like to add “extra” components to your project, then that is your choice to take the work home. Lastly, all students have received the project outline. This package has all the information needed to be successful in completing your project. Just in case some students have misplaced their sheet, I have left extras on the white board. I highly suggest putting this sheet of paper in a safe spot where it will not get lost. I look forward to working on your projects with you tomorrow.

Thanks, Mme Asimakis

This morning, Div 1 carried out an experiment aimed at showing natural selection in action. You are encouraged to ask them about what happened and what they learned!

Les Devoirs:

  • Vendredi: orchestre, Cain’s Arcade (bring $1) and Enrichment
  • Math- Multiplying Integers- paquet and page 39
  • Ski/SB forms


le 12 novembre

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

Climbing was SO much fun! Thanks again to the parents who drove us there and back. Apparently the format my phone takes pictures doesn’t allow me to post on here but you can look forward to seeing them in the year end slideshow.

We started a novel study today, The Giver. Several students have indicated that they have already read it a couple years ago. I am looking forward to helping them dive deeper into the novel as they already have a basic understanding it. Everyone else, I am excited to share with them this wonderful piece of literature for the first time.

We also did a quick check on subtracting integers today, before moving onto to multiplying. I didn’t meet with small groups during subtraction so we’ll see where everyone is with their understanding.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Ladies- home game, Gents, away game
  • Math- Multiplying Integers -FIRST PAGE ONLY
  • Review notes: L’evolution et la selection naturelle (*wink*wink*nudge*nudge)
  • vendredi- Cain’s Arcade, please bring $1 if you want to participate.


le 5 novembre

IMG_0083We received a special delivery this afternoon! Division 1 was OVER-THE-MOON when the boxes were delivered. We of course had to memorialize the occasion.

We had a long chat this morning about acceptable behaviour and expectations in the class. In essence- we will continue to practice cleaning up after ourselves and helping out in our shared space. The room was kept in very find shape throughout the day, thank you in particular to the students who dealt with the pile of rubbish on the floor after lunch. We know we can do, now to make it habit.

CLIMBING TOMORROW! Please remind your child to dress appropriately for the event, comfy active clothes and closed toes runners. We are leaving before recess and will be back during lunch. Thank you again to the parents who are driving us there and back!

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Subtracting integers booklet (rewatch the video?!)
  • Practice Au Champ d’Honneur
  • Ski/SB forms
  • Gr 7 Girls Home Game tomorrow! (Gents, your opponent’s team folded so you now have a bye)