le 13 novembre

A note from Mme Asimakis:

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow will be our second work period for our mental-well being toolkit project. I will book laptops for those who may need them. Please remember to bring any supplies you may need to start putting your project together. Some students have already asked me if they can work on their project at home. I have planned this project with plenty of in class work time, and if time is used appropriately students should have no problem completing the project by the deadline. If you would like to add “extra” components to your project, then that is your choice to take the work home. Lastly, all students have received the project outline. This package has all the information needed to be successful in completing your project. Just in case some students have misplaced their sheet, I have left extras on the white board. I highly suggest putting this sheet of paper in a safe spot where it will not get lost. I look forward to working on your projects with you tomorrow.

Thanks, Mme Asimakis

This morning, Div 1 carried out an experiment aimed at showing natural selection in action. You are encouraged to ask them about what happened and what they learned!

Les Devoirs:

  • Vendredi: orchestre, Cain’s Arcade (bring $1) and Enrichment
  • Math- Multiplying Integers- paquet and page 39
  • Ski/SB forms