le 15 novembre

Halfway through November already??

Thanks to everyone who brought money for Cain’s Arcade today. It was a good showing of games this year, and nice to see some familiar faces!

Some of our students wrote the Beaver Computing Challenge today! It’s an online challenge put on by the University of Waterloo. It’s mathematical in focus (computation and logic) inspired by computer science. Bravo les Amis!

Next week is a full week of school, yay! We will have a Dictee, and will continue to work through operations with integers (division next!), natural selection, early man and the Giver. First term will be over before we know it, it’s time to hunker down and get things done!

Les Devoirs:

  • Math- Multiplying Integers
  • anything for Mme Asimakis
  • Neufeld Farms Fundraiser
  • Ski/SB forms

Young Entrepreneurs Homework:

-All black and white adds should be handed in by Monday
-Booklet pages up to 26
-Small posters
-Creating their products
The show is December 4th!!
Bonne fin de semaine!!