le 18 novembre

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! The weather wasn’t exactly cooperative…

Today, a couple of nursing students came in to discuss part of the Health curriculum, in particular puberty and the encompassing changes. The major take aways I always stress are a) its natural, everyone goes through, be supportive and b) take regular showers and be mindful of your hygiene. Next week, the nurses will return to discuss a few other areas of the health curriculum.

Friday we have a math test! Operations with Integers! It would be advisable to check in with your child and make sure they know what they’re doing. There are great Youtube videos that explain how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers if revision is required.

We also did an online simulation activity related to natural selection and the peppered moths around the time of the industrial revolution. Ask your child about it!

Several of our classmates are headed to Me 2 We tomorrow. Have an amazing time!

Les Devoirs:

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  • Math- Multiplying and Dividing Integers sheet (partner and maze)
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