le 22 novembre


Today flew by! We have so much work to accomplish with such little time… many students worked really well today.

A note from Mme Asimakis:

Hello Division 1,
Just a friendly reminder that the Mental Well-being Toolkit is due on Wednesday, November 27th @2:45pm. If you are handing in a physical copy of your project please leave it on the side desks by the windows. If you are handing in a digital copy please email it to me by 2:45pm on November 27th. My email is easimakis@sd35.bc.ca. A friendly reminder that you will be meeting with me on Thursday, November 28th for a 2-3minute meeting to discuss your project and your personal strategies that can positively affect your mental well being.
I am very happy that many students used their in class work time yesterday very wisely and are practically done the project. My final reminder for you all is to ensure that you have read the project criteria in order to be as successful as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Have a great weekend.
Just a reminder that there is so school for students on Monday. (They have work to do though!)

Les Devoirs:

  • mardi: orchestre, Quiz: mes/mais/met/mets x2
    • we are also typing up good copies of POTW- Mon Pass-Temps Prefere
  • Mental Well-being Toolkits due mercredi (see note above)

I didn’t mention this on Wednesday, but the students were introduced to a new online anonymous reporting tool, called ERASE Report It. If students ever need to report concerning activites/behaviour that they are witnessing (in person or online), this gives them an anonymous method to do so. We want all of our community to be safe and feel safe. The link is also on the WebQuest page.

Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday!