le 29 novembre


IMG_0596 2After being inspired by story on Global News, I tasked Division 1 with creating a holiday card for a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who will spend the holidays overseas and away from their families. Below are some of the cards that were created. Aren’t they lovely? And what’s more were the heartfelt messages written inside. Bravo les amis! I will be attaching stamps and sending these off so they make it in time.


We had another very busy day! Band is gearing up for the holiday concert in a couple weeks (students should be practicing even more now!). The term is ending very soon and we are in a tight race to finish everything on time.

Just a reminder: Ski/SB forms are due back next Friday. I will be reaching out to those who have not yet sent back forms. Remember to check every page over for places to sign. There is a place where both custodial parents must sign. I will send back forms that do not meet the criteria.

Last reminder: Socials skits on early man (nomad to farmer) presentations are TUESDAY. There will be one more class period to prepare. As I handed back the Ligne Chronologique: Les Hommes Prehistoriques, I told students that many were not completed satisfactorily. These skits are their last attempt to positively influence overall Socials mark this term.

Have a wonderful weekend!