le 20 décembre


Mme Asimakis and I want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all your generous gifts and well wishes. Absolutely not necessary but so appreciated. We wish you all a very restful and joyful break, filled with everything you want, need and more. We will see you in the new year, and the new decade, fresh faced and ready to tackle Term 2!

Joyeux Noel!

le 18 décembre

Man, today felt like Friday…

This afternoon we watched The Giver. It’s always interesting to hear the students’ reactions to the film, as its quite different from the novel. 


Just a reminder that Friday we are going to WGSS for their Holiday Extravaganza. If students are wishing to have pancakes, and/or participate in the other activities, a donation to the Food Bank is encouraged. 

2 more days!!

le 17 décembre

I was very impressed with Division 1’s behaviour at the concert this afternoon. Very well behaved considering the length of time they were required to sit. Then, they played very well when it was finally their turn!

This evening, see you at 6:30pm. Wear all black (hoodies ok). We will either be in Mr Knox or Mme Quon’s room. Don’t forget your music!

If you haven’t read my email about watching The Giver tomorrow, please make sure you do so. We are watching it in the afternoon.

Friday we are walking over to WGSS for their Holiday Extravaganza, rain or shine. 10:15am departure, 12:15pm arrival.

3 more days!

le 16 décembre

LAST WEEK!!! Yahooo!!!

Today we watched the primary divisions present “The Great Holiday Bake Off”, it was so cute!

Tomorrow is Band Concert day! Students need to have their instruments and music all day. Mr Rogers asks that students dress in black and white, grade 7 hoodies are acceptable.

Matinee concert at 1pm and evening concert at 7pm (attendance is expected at both). More information to follow tomorrow.

I have sent out an email regarding permission to watch The Giver movie on Wednesday. Please read the email for more information. If you didn’t receive the email, please let me know ASAP.

Friday we are walking to WGSS to participate in their Holiday Extravaganza. We aim to arrive at 10:30am and will be back just after noon. Jamison’s Class Party to follow in the afternoon.

le 13 décembre

Considering that yesterday was a full moon and today is Friday the 13th, today has been pretty good!

We finished up our holiday banner that is now decorating the gym, we finished our writing activity which will be on display for the concert as well. Some students helped set up the stage and decorate this afternoon, merci!

First term reports should be available for your viewing pleasure. While term grades should not be a surprise, as Mme Asimakis and I have worked to keep them up to date, comments are an opportunity to get a snapshot of how your child is both academically and behaviourally, and provide a great opportunity to converse with your child about their progress, effort and participation in their learning. If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday: Quiz: Ou/Où
    • Primary Winter Musical
  • Tuesday: Intermediate Winter Concert (1pm Show and 7pm Show)
  • Friday: Pyjama Day
    • WGSS Holiday Extravaganze (more info to come)
    • Class Party (Jamison is organizing)

le 11 décembre

Na na na na na na na na… THUNDER!

The students were in for a treat today in PE, nothing says a good time then the Thunderstruck Challenge. Ask them about it!

I am super proud of how hard Division 1 worked this afternoon. After a quick turnaround yesterday, everyone submitted their Literary Analysis One Pagers on The Giver today, Some even stayed after school! Bravo les amis!

We had our volleyball wrap up pizza party this afternoon. Thanks to our girls who put together a little thank you for Mme Kang and I, so sweet. It was a pleasure coaching the girls this year, we saw so much growth, and I hope many, if not all, continue to play next year and onwards!

Les Devoirs:

  • vendredi: orchestre (last rehearsal before the concert on Tuesday)
    • diner chaud
    • Les bulletins

A vendredi!

le 10 décembre

Today was SUPER fun! Staff versus Grade 7 Volleyball is always one of my favourite days of the year. The students put up a decent fight, but the staff took both sets, quite decisively. More importantly, fun was had, and hopefully the students (both players and spectators) got to see volleyball being played at a higher level than they’re accustomed. As well, we collected 29 food items and almost $40 for the Food Bank! Amazing! I reminded our players afterwards that many of the staff (myself included) have been playing volleyball for longer than they have been alive. Everyone has to start somewhere and the more you play, the better you get!

We finished The Giver! It’s always interesting to hear/see the students’ reactions when the last line is read. We began our final project for the novel, a quick turn around too, it is due tomorrow end of day (lots of time tomorrow).

IMG_0120 A couple reminders for the project:

  • in picking your excerpts: do they help show the overall idea/theme of the novel?
  • your personal response PARAGRAPH (min 5-7 sentences) should include
    • your thoughts about the novel (like/dislike, would you recommend, would you change anything, what connections can you make, what can you interpret about the novel and our society)

Les Devoirs:

  • education physique demain
  • vendredi- diner chaud, bulletins

le 9 décembre

This afternoon we read the 2 most difficult chapters in our novel, The Giver. I definitely teared up a bit. If you have a moment, please check in with your child to see if they need to process any emotions. And give them a hug.

Mr Rogers has informed me that we are having a special guest conductor in Band tomorrow, Mr Lainchbury from Langley Fine Arts. He has suggested that everyone practice a little (more than usual) tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s class. Also a gentle reminder that our Holiday Band Concert is next Tuesday.

Tomorrow, the grade 7s get the chance to take on the staff in a lunch time volleyball battle of the ages. Players, be ready. Want to watch? Bring a donation to the food bank. Players, don’t forgot your $2 for pizza lunch on Wednesday.

Neufeld Farm order pick up is this afternoon!

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain
  • Math- 4 quadrant graphing booklet
  • vendredi: Examen de Dictee 9
    • diner chaud
    • Term 1 Reports

2 more weeks!

le 6 décembre

Today we wrapped up T1 Enrichment! Young Entrepreneurs had to total their earnings, Chefs decorated gingerbread houses, Improvisationers improvised, and I showed my volleyball group some of the 2018 NCAA Women’s Final between Nebraska and Stanford. I wanted to show them some high level volleyball. Get ready for some exciting options in term 2!

The gents took on the ladies today in a grade 7 volleyball battle for the ages! The ladies took the first set and the gents took the second, although the ladies did rally back from being down quite a lot. We declared a tie and the teams will work together next week to try and take down the staff (who are undefeated!) on Tuesday. If you are interested in watching, please bring a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank.

The class has been very energetic this week. Verging on disrespectful. We still have 2 full weeks of school left, which means the work continues. Clean up at the end of the day has been particularly disappointing, and will be met with consequences on Monday.

La Semaine Prochaine:

  • lundi- Neufeld Farms Order Pickup after school (looking for students to help)
  • mardi- Staff vs Gr 7 game at lunch
  • mercredi- Gr 7 Team Pizza Party wrap up ($2 please)
  • vendredi- diner chaud et les bulletins