le 6 décembre

Today we wrapped up T1 Enrichment! Young Entrepreneurs had to total their earnings, Chefs decorated gingerbread houses, Improvisationers improvised, and I showed my volleyball group some of the 2018 NCAA Women’s Final between Nebraska and Stanford. I wanted to show them some high level volleyball. Get ready for some exciting options in term 2!

The gents took on the ladies today in a grade 7 volleyball battle for the ages! The ladies took the first set and the gents took the second, although the ladies did rally back from being down quite a lot. We declared a tie and the teams will work together next week to try and take down the staff (who are undefeated!) on Tuesday. If you are interested in watching, please bring a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank.

The class has been very energetic this week. Verging on disrespectful. We still have 2 full weeks of school left, which means the work continues. Clean up at the end of the day has been particularly disappointing, and will be met with consequences on Monday.

La Semaine Prochaine:

  • lundi- Neufeld Farms Order Pickup after school (looking for students to help)
  • mardi- Staff vs Gr 7 game at lunch
  • mercredi- Gr 7 Team Pizza Party wrap up ($2 please)
  • vendredi- diner chaud et les bulletins