le 13 décembre

Considering that yesterday was a full moon and today is Friday the 13th, today has been pretty good!

We finished up our holiday banner that is now decorating the gym, we finished our writing activity which will be on display for the concert as well. Some students helped set up the stage and decorate this afternoon, merci!

First term reports should be available for your viewing pleasure. While term grades should not be a surprise, as Mme Asimakis and I have worked to keep them up to date, comments are an opportunity to get a snapshot of how your child is both academically and behaviourally, and provide a great opportunity to converse with your child about their progress, effort and participation in their learning. If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday: Quiz: Ou/Où
    • Primary Winter Musical
  • Tuesday: Intermediate Winter Concert (1pm Show and 7pm Show)
  • Friday: Pyjama Day
    • WGSS Holiday Extravaganze (more info to come)
    • Class Party (Jamison is organizing)