le 4 décembre

What an amazing day!!! A HUGE pat on the back to our Young Entrepreneurs!! They spent all day selling their products and really got a first hand taste of what it’s like. I have pics of each of their set ups, I will share when I have a spare moment.

Everyone else and I spent the day doing some fun things too 🙂

Ski/SB forms MUST be in on Friday if your child is going on the trip. I have sent an email to everyone who has outstanding forms. If you have already paid and don’t submit your forms, your money will be refunded and your child will not be participating. Thanks!

There are LOTS of names on the board who have things to submit for Mme Asimakis. Tomorrow is really the last day to submit work to her so reports can be finalized. Otherwise zeros will be given.

Speaking of reports, I have to say that I was very disappointed at the number of math tests that were resubmitted to me today. I received one. I will still accept them on Friday but not without having a serious conversation first.

Giving Trees are still happening! If you aren’t able to grab a tag and buy a present, we are accepting money. We are supporting 4 families this year.

Finally, today was the last inter-school volleyball game for both our ladies and gents. Well done to everyone who participated! Some exciting wrap-up events include GENTS VS LADIES  at lunch on Friday, the WINNERS PLAY THE STAFF next Tuesday, and pizza lunch wrap up party!!!!!!! next Wednesday (please bring $2).

A vendredi!

le 2 décembre

Hello December! This year is flying by!! Students have now paid their third month of rent 😀

We welcomed a new friend to our class today, Alicia! I want to thank everyone for making her feel welcome and included today. We are now a very cozy group of 30 students in our chalet.

Tomorrow is presentation day for our Socials skits on man’s journey from nomad to farmer. Be ready!

Students received their Operations with Integers math test today. I am giving students who received 24 or less to submit their corrections by Wednesday, I will bump their % to the next letter grade in the system.

Ski/SB forms are due Friday! I am still missing several students’ paperwork!

Young Entrepreneur Show is on Wednesday! We have 12 students from our class participating this year. Hopefully they have been hard at work this past few months in preparation for the big day!

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