le 7 janvier

As predicted, today was a bit tougher than yesterday. Not behaviour wise, I think everyone was feeling the same way, tired. Excited for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s Day 1 of our Ski/SB Trip! We had a very comprehensive meeting today with all the necessary details for success tomorrow. It’s a SUPER tight turnaround tomorrow from when we arrive on the mountain to when our lesson starts. Students are asked to be EXTRA thoughtful about being efficient with their time.

Things to note:

  • arrive at school DRESSED AND READY, snow pants, layers etc.
  • please wear sensible shoes for the mountain. There will be snow. It will be cold.
  • EAT EAT EAT. Bring extra snacks. Have a good sensible breakfast and be prepared to not have lunch until 1:00. Division 1 is particularly noteworthy for eating well before snack time. I am worried you will be hungry and stuck up on the mountain. 
  • cell phones will be collected during attendance. Mr Knox will have our pink bin.
  • use common sense, fly under the radar. Be mindful of your behaviour and the consequences it may incur.


  • 8:30- students must be IN THE GYM AND READY TO GO. No ins and outs.
  • 8:45- bus departs
  • 9:45- arrival at Seymour
  • 10:00- lessons start (TIGHT TURNAROUND)
  • 12:00- free time
  • 1:00- lunch
  • 1:30- bus leaves
  • 2:30- arrival back at school

**Those students not attending will spend the day with Mme Riznek (replacing Mr Vaillancourt). Please bring snack, lunch, gym strip and pencil case.

I will have my phone with me and will check my email periodically if you need to reach out.