le 24 janvier

A minor hiccup to mention today. The class has been unofficially organizing lunchtime potlucks between themselves, you may or may not have heard. It hasn’t really been an issue, until today. My main concerns were that it was happening behind my back (I’m pretty easygoing and wouldn’t have said no?) and it got VERY messy today. Yes, the students are capable of cleaning up (hiding their activities?), but when the noon hour supervisor shows me pictures of pop spilled all over the floor, and sharing that the students were sweeping up the pop with a broom, I have to take issue. I have asked the students to postpone future potlucks for the time being, until we can create a scenario where all parties will be satisfied with the results.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, and we did an activity related to year of the rat, and some tasty treats were available in the Soo-permarche today. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Les Devoirs:

  • finish research for French speech, we will be tackling the writing process next week.
  • several students have outstanding work (One Tradition de ma Famille and Le Corps Humain title page), check TeacherEase to see if your child has missing work.