le 28 février


A big thanks to Div 1 for working so diligently this week (and the last few weeks really), we have gotten through a lot and I really appreciate it!

We finished our in class Concours! I said today that it was very evident that everyone worked really hard on their speeches, they were well written and well presented (usually it’s 1 or the other), so kudos to everyone! It was decided that Ava and Mackenzie would continue on to the school level (felicitations!), as their overall package (speech, presentation and answers) I think have the best chance to move forward. That being said, it was difficult to only select 2, there were several others that missed the mark by a very slim margin. EVERYONE should be proud of how they did.

I will be collating and creating final numbers for camp forms. I sent an email on Wednesday to everyone who hadn’t submitted theirs yet, to anyone I didn’t hear back from I am assuming your child is not attending camp.

Les Devoirs:

  • Paragraphe- Gouvernement Mésopotamien- corrected and revised copy due ASAP
  • Math- fractions to decimals and reverse page (don’t do the last part on the back page)
    • Test corrections– anyone with 40.5 or below is welcome to do their corrections and resubmit their test, I will bump their test score up to the next letter grade

Bonne fin de semaine!

le 26 février

Felicitations tout le monde! We have heard all but one speech! They were quite well done, and everyone should give themselves a big pat on the back!

Camp forms need to be submitted ASAP. I will be sending you a follow up email if I have not received forms from you yet.

Any WGSS course selection forms must now be taken directly to WGSS. Any forms submitted to me have already been sent off.

Les Devoirs:

  • Paragraphe- Gouvernement Mésopotamien- revision/corrigé due EOD vendredi pour une note française
  • orchestre vendredi

0AE07A93-D3DA-426C-B382-24761F1F0435Some words of reassurance and inspiration for everyone who got up and did their speech today. 11 out of the 12 speakers today were volunteers! Way to be courageous and get it done. Now you can relax!

We wrote our Math test today. It was long. Kudos to everyone, there was a lot of perseverance evident!

WGSS Course Selection Forms are due today. I will be sending the ones I have received over to  WGSS this afternoon. You can take yours directly there.

Camp Jubilee forms are due tomorrow! You should have received an email from Mr Rogers with the forms attached. If your child is not attending camp, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

Les Devoirs:

  • education physique demain
  • Concours cont’d
  • Math Challenge (my recommendation requirement) demain au diner


Happy Monday friends!

One final reminder that tomorrow is a big day- Concours and Math Test!

Hopefully you have been able to make final corrections and improvements to your speech and have transmitted it to cue cards (not mandatory but encouraged). And more importantly, say the speech out loud as many times as you can! It’s like muscle memory, the more you say it, the more your brain will recognize and anticipate what’s next.

Math test- work through the revision package and all previous work.

Hope you’re enjoying the day, can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

P.S. WGSS Course Selection forms due tomorrow!

Le 21 fevrier

Oh boy today was eventful!! The class wrote their final human body evaluations and we went over decimal by decimal division. During lunch,

I took my Textiles Enrichment group over to WGSS to spend the afternoon sewing on machines with the help of WGSS students- AMAZING. A bit of a rush day but we made it!

Division 1 once again has a lot on their plates this weekend. Tuesday is a double header- Concours and a Math Test. A revision package was given today for the math test, and most students should be in the finalizing/memorizing/perfecting stage for their speech. Saying it out loud as much as possible is the BEST WAY TO PREPARE. Thankfully Monday is a day off for you, please spend some time preparing.

Also Tuesday- WGSS Course Selection forms are due. Wednesday Camp Jubilee forms are due. Please refer to the calendar pinned to the top of the blog for all important dates.

Bonne fin de semaine!

Pour Demain

Bonjour Division 1,
It has been a busy few weeks. Our Carnaval presentations went well on Thursday! You should be proud of yourself. It can always be a little bit nerve racking presenting and leading an activity to a whole class. This was a great leadership opportunity and I hope you all took something positive away from it.
Many assignments are past due. Please take a look on TeacherEase to see if you owe anything. Specifically, I will remind you to hand in your science lab by tomorrow (absolute last day to hand it in), as well as be ready to present your Friendship Ad with your group. Also, science questions have been handed back and students have the option to re-do the questions if they would like to improve their mark. These questions must be submitted by tomorrow.
Lastly, tomorrow we will be visiting Walnut Grove for a science activity. High school students will be running various science stations that our class will be participating in – very exciting learning opportunity for us!

le 19 février

Div 1 and I learned something very interesting today- when we all work together we accomplish things quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately it took many minutes for us to get there. Hopefully we can use what we learned today moving forward so as not to waste so much of our very precious time.

We completed our Science Jigsaw today. Each student then completed a mini evaluation to see if what learned matched the expected criteria. Reminder that the final evaluation for this term is on Friday, study all of the jigsaw materials you received. The questions that guided your research are your criteria.

On a related note, we began an English writing activity related to our body systems- an Organ Job Application Form. I am super excited to see how these turn out. The due date is not too soon as we have a few things that need our immediate attention.

Les Devoirs:

  • any work for Mme Asimakis
  • vendredi- orchestre
    • SN- Le Corps Humain Evaluation Finale
    • Math- Dividing Decimals Booklet (first 3 pages do, last 2 optional)
    • any outstanding SH affiches (Dieu/Deese Mesopotamien)
  • lundi- Jour de Congé
  • mardi- CONCOURS
    • MATH TEST (Operations with Decimals)
    • WGSS Course Selection Forms due
  • mercredi- Camp Jubilee Forms due

** refer to the calendar pinned to the top of the blog for all upcoming deadlines**

A vendredi!

Le 18 fevrier

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

25645D7F-3638-42D8-86D0-C40E39A03B2BToday was busy! We filmed ourselves presenting our speeches and evaluated our performance. We will try again tomorrow. Students are expected to be making the necessary finishing touches to their speeches on their own time as we present next Tuesday!

We also jigsawed today! Kudos to everyone who was prepped and ready, there was definitely some good teaching/learning happening. Unfortunately we didn’t get to the nervous system group today so they will present tomorrow.

Some WGSS course selection forms have started to trickle in, deadline is next Tuesday.

Camp forms are due next Wednesday.

Les Devoirs

  • education physique demain
  • math- dividing decimals by powers of 10 parquet for tomorrow
  • Math Test- Operations with Decimals next Tuesday
  • nervous system jigsaw demain
  • SH- Dieu/Deese Mesopotamien projet due EOD demain (time in class to finish)

Le 12 fevrier

Working with clay is so fun! This afternoon we spent about 45 minutes making our Mesopotamian God/Goddess statues. Can’t wait to see how they dry!

WGSS came today to talk course selection.  Your child should have a bunch of paperwork with them to go over with you. I will be sending an email with all sorts of information in a little bit.

Tomorrow are the Carnaval presentations. Be ready!

Tuesday good copies of speeches need to be finished. We are practicing them in class! Also, we are doing our JIGSAW. I have conferenced with all of you, you know what you need to do.

Have a good, PRODUCTIVE long weekend!!