Le 4 fevrier

What a busy day today! Hoping you all got around safely today.

Hopefully everyone is starting to feel the pressure that is term 2. We have lots on the go, especially with the addition of the socials comic strip and science jigsaw being assigned today. I plan on making a calendar to pin to the blog to show all upcoming events and assignment due dates to help keep everyone on track. I encourage everyone to take full advantage of any and all work periods given, as this term is quickly filling up and falling behind can happen quickly.

Another great way to keep up to date with progress is to check TeacherEase about once a week. Mme Asimakis and I try and add things as frequently as possible, and it’s a good way to see if things are missing or need more attention.

Reminder: tomorrow is our last Ski/SB Trip. Arrive no later than 8:30, dress sensibly, bring snacks if needed. 

For Thursday:

  • 5 Science Question
  • Projet Instagram Tradition Francophone (only 40 minutes of class time to finish)