Le 11 fevrier

There was LOTS of independent work happening in our room today. We have several projects on the go right now, whose due dates are rapidly approaching. Thankfully, there is a 5 day weekend coming up, lots of time for everyone to work at home and finish everything up.

Some students are still not using their class time as effectively as they could be… this is putting them behind in all areas- slightly concerning. I was able to conference with half the class today about their Science Jigsaw progress, most are still finishing their research. Remember there is only one more work period before the jigsaw next Tuesday!

We had a pop quiz in math today. We have been steadily making our way through operations with decimals, most recently multiplication.  I’m concerned that students are not putting in the required effort to master the concept, I guess we’ll see when I mark the quizzes.

Tomorrow is an exciting day- WGSS is coming to describe and discuss course selection! Always a fun day. Stay tuned for more info!

Friday is a Pro D Day and Monday is Family Day.