Le 18 fevrier

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

25645D7F-3638-42D8-86D0-C40E39A03B2BToday was busy! We filmed ourselves presenting our speeches and evaluated our performance. We will try again tomorrow. Students are expected to be making the necessary finishing touches to their speeches on their own time as we present next Tuesday!

We also jigsawed today! Kudos to everyone who was prepped and ready, there was definitely some good teaching/learning happening. Unfortunately we didn’t get to the nervous system group today so they will present tomorrow.

Some WGSS course selection forms have started to trickle in, deadline is next Tuesday.

Camp forms are due next Wednesday.

Les Devoirs

  • education physique demain
  • math- dividing decimals by powers of 10 parquet for tomorrow
  • Math Test- Operations with Decimals next Tuesday
  • nervous system jigsaw demain
  • SH- Dieu/Deese Mesopotamien projet due EOD demain (time in class to finish)