le 19 février

Div 1 and I learned something very interesting today- when we all work together we accomplish things quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately it took many minutes for us to get there. Hopefully we can use what we learned today moving forward so as not to waste so much of our very precious time.

We completed our Science Jigsaw today. Each student then completed a mini evaluation to see if what learned matched the expected criteria. Reminder that the final evaluation for this term is on Friday, study all of the jigsaw materials you received. The questions that guided your research are your criteria.

On a related note, we began an English writing activity related to our body systems- an Organ Job Application Form. I am super excited to see how these turn out. The due date is not too soon as we have a few things that need our immediate attention.

Les Devoirs:

  • any work for Mme Asimakis
  • vendredi- orchestre
    • SN- Le Corps Humain Evaluation Finale
    • Math- Dividing Decimals Booklet (first 3 pages do, last 2 optional)
    • any outstanding SH affiches (Dieu/Deese Mesopotamien)
  • lundi- Jour de Congé
  • mardi- CONCOURS
    • MATH TEST (Operations with Decimals)
    • WGSS Course Selection Forms due
  • mercredi- Camp Jubilee Forms due

** refer to the calendar pinned to the top of the blog for all upcoming deadlines**

A vendredi!