Pour Demain

Bonjour Division 1,
It has been a busy few weeks. Our Carnaval presentations went well on Thursday! You should be proud of yourself. It can always be a little bit nerve racking presenting and leading an activity to a whole class. This was a great leadership opportunity and I hope you all took something positive away from it.
Many assignments are past due. Please take a look on TeacherEase to see if you owe anything. Specifically, I will remind you to hand in your science lab by tomorrow (absolute last day to hand it in), as well as be ready to present your Friendship Ad with your group. Also, science questions have been handed back and students have the option to re-do the questions if they would like to improve their mark. These questions must be submitted by tomorrow.
Lastly, tomorrow we will be visiting Walnut Grove for a science activity. High school students will be running various science stations that our class will be participating in – very exciting learning opportunity for us!