0AE07A93-D3DA-426C-B382-24761F1F0435Some words of reassurance and inspiration for everyone who got up and did their speech today. 11 out of the 12 speakers today were volunteers! Way to be courageous and get it done. Now you can relax!

We wrote our Math test today. It was long. Kudos to everyone, there was a lot of perseverance evident!

WGSS Course Selection Forms are due today. I will be sending the ones I have received over to  WGSS this afternoon. You can take yours directly there.

Camp Jubilee forms are due tomorrow! You should have received an email from Mr Rogers with the forms attached. If your child is not attending camp, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

Les Devoirs:

  • education physique demain
  • Concours cont’d
  • Math Challenge (my recommendation requirement) demain au diner