le 28 février


A big thanks to Div 1 for working so diligently this week (and the last few weeks really), we have gotten through a lot and I really appreciate it!

We finished our in class Concours! I said today that it was very evident that everyone worked really hard on their speeches, they were well written and well presented (usually it’s 1 or the other), so kudos to everyone! It was decided that Ava and Mackenzie would continue on to the school level (felicitations!), as their overall package (speech, presentation and answers) I think have the best chance to move forward. That being said, it was difficult to only select 2, there were several others that missed the mark by a very slim margin. EVERYONE should be proud of how they did.

I will be collating and creating final numbers for camp forms. I sent an email on Wednesday to everyone who hadn’t submitted theirs yet, to anyone I didn’t hear back from I am assuming your child is not attending camp.

Les Devoirs:

  • Paragraphe- Gouvernement Mésopotamien- corrected and revised copy due ASAP
  • Math- fractions to decimals and reverse page (don’t do the last part on the back page)
    • Test corrections– anyone with 40.5 or below is welcome to do their corrections and resubmit their test, I will bump their test score up to the next letter grade

Bonne fin de semaine!