Le 11 fevrier

There was LOTS of independent work happening in our room today. We have several projects on the go right now, whose due dates are rapidly approaching. Thankfully, there is a 5 day weekend coming up, lots of time for everyone to work at home and finish everything up.

Some students are still not using their class time as effectively as they could be… this is putting them behind in all areas- slightly concerning. I was able to conference with half the class today about their Science Jigsaw progress, most are still finishing their research. Remember there is only one more work period before the jigsaw next Tuesday!

We had a pop quiz in math today. We have been steadily making our way through operations with decimals, most recently multiplication.  I’m concerned that students are not putting in the required effort to master the concept, I guess we’ll see when I mark the quizzes.

Tomorrow is an exciting day- WGSS is coming to describe and discuss course selection! Always a fun day. Stay tuned for more info!

Friday is a Pro D Day and Monday is Family Day.

Le 10 fevrier

This afternoon we worked on the communal mural with our little buddies. It is going to look so great!

We have A LOT going on right now. French speech, science jigsaw, math, new socials in-class project being assigned tomorrow. As well, WGSS is coming in on Wednesday to talk course selection.

Les Devoirs

  • orchestre demain
  • Math- multiplying decimals booklet due demain
  • Science jigsaw next Tuesday

le 7 janvier

Lots of work to complete this weekend:

  • draft of French speech to be completed (minimum 5 paragraphs), we are typing good copies next week
  • bonne copie de la BANDE DESSINEE de la LOI DE HAMMOURABI 
    • 6-8 boxes, coloured and outlined, law written somewhere on page)
  • I am still waiting on several Gouvernement Mesopotamien paragraphs, you can see on TeacherEase if I have yours or not.
  • Several students have not submitted their Tradition Francophone for Mme Asimakis

We also have our Jigsaw- Le Corps Humain on our minds, we have 3 work periods next week.

I appreciated how much good solid work happened in our room today.

Camp forms went home yesterday. The first few pages are for your reference. The packing list is especially important to refer to. Please return the last 3 pages (and the $75 payment) at your earliest convenience.

Reminder that on Wednesday WGSS will be here to talk course selection. Also, Friday is a Pro D Day and the following Monday is Family Day.

Bonne fin de semaine!

Le 4 fevrier

What a busy day today! Hoping you all got around safely today.

Hopefully everyone is starting to feel the pressure that is term 2. We have lots on the go, especially with the addition of the socials comic strip and science jigsaw being assigned today. I plan on making a calendar to pin to the blog to show all upcoming events and assignment due dates to help keep everyone on track. I encourage everyone to take full advantage of any and all work periods given, as this term is quickly filling up and falling behind can happen quickly.

Another great way to keep up to date with progress is to check TeacherEase about once a week. Mme Asimakis and I try and add things as frequently as possible, and it’s a good way to see if things are missing or need more attention.

Reminder: tomorrow is our last Ski/SB Trip. Arrive no later than 8:30, dress sensibly, bring snacks if needed. 

For Thursday:

  • 5 Science Question
  • Projet Instagram Tradition Francophone (only 40 minutes of class time to finish)

Le 3 fevrier

Sorry I missed you today, mes amis. I had some family business to attend to. I look forward to starting February with you tomorrow!

Just a couple reminders for tomorrow and the week:

  • orchestre demain
  • ski/sb mercredi
  • If you haven’t finished and shared your Gouvernement Mesopotamien paragraph, please do so ASAP.

À demain!