Checking In

Good morning friends,

Obviously this is not what we envisioned our first day back from Spring Break would look like, and yet here we are. I hope you all had a safe and healthy last couple weeks, and that you followed Dr Henry’s advice to maintain physical distance and to stay home.

This week, Mme Asimakis and I will be planning and preparing for our “remote learning” journey, or “learning from home” as I am going to call it. You will receive an email from me in the next couple days with some questions about your intentions, expectations and abilities of learning from home, which will help us create the best plan. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we all tackle this unchartered territory together.


À la prochaine!

le 13 mars

We did it!! We made it!

We spent a lot of day talking about COVID-19. My intention was to inform the students as much as possible so they are able to make the best decisions, and understand what all the fuss is about, without panicking.

I wish you all a safe Spring Break. Please check the school district website for updates as needed. I will try and post on here if anything significant presents itself.

le 10 mars

Good luck to everyone writing the WGSS English Honours Exam today!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain (on commence là)
  • SH- Structure Sociale Representation Visuelle due à 1h45 demain

le 9 mars

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I went to Bowen Island for the first time, I found it so charming!

One more week!! We can do it! Reminder that Conferences are this week, Wednesday and Thursday. That’s a 1:45pm Dismissal for students. I will be present on Wednesday and Mme Asimakis on Thursday. If you did not or cannot get a time for a conference, please reach out to me and we’ll make arrangements.

I’m assuming everyone received the most recent email from the school district regarding COVID-19 and the measures we are taking here and also asking our community to take as well. We are fortunate, in the chalet, to have access to running water, and I will be encouraging students to make more frequent use of our sinks this week (I already noticed today that more students were washing their hands before snack etc). The big stand out for me in the letter was the aspect on sharing food. Our class is VERY GENEROUS with each other when it comes to food. While sharing is kind and thoughtful, we need to be mindful in these times about best hygiene practice, and if we are going to share food we need to have clean hands to do so. Thank you for everything you are doing and for your continued support.

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain
  • Math- Ratios sheet
  • WGSS English Honours Exam demain à 3h30
  • Mesopotamian Social Structure Visual Representation due EOD mercredi
  • Wed/Thurs- Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, 1:45 Dismissal both days

Le 5 mars

Hi everyone, hope you had a great day!

Quick Reminder for tomorrow:

  • orchestre
  • Math Check In- terminating and repeating  decimals
  • last enrichment
  • Term 2 Reports issued

À demain!

le 3 mars

57EE44AC-400A-46A6-83ED-9E640A78D11ESpeed Control! So cool that Evan knew Bachman Turner Overdrive and won a CD. Such a cool presentation about Canadian rock!

Mme Asimakis has organized for Critter Care Wildlife Society to come in on Thursday and attached is a preview of their wish list of ways to help out: CCWS Wish List

Good luck to everyone writing the WGSS Math Challenge Exam this afternoon!

Les Devoirs:

  • Education Physique demain
  • Math Test corrections due demain
  • Repeating decimals paquet due demain

le 2 mars

Hello March! I don’t know about you, but January felt soooooo long compared to February which flew by!

Reminder that Conferences are happening next week (Wednesday with me and Thursday with Mme Asimakis). Sign ups are done through (You should have gotten an email from the school with the link). If you would like to meet with me and are unable to get a time slot, please contact me directly so we can work something out.

Tomorrow is the Math Challenge Exam at WGSS. Students are reminded to their application forms along with them. I will be sending the recommendation forms separately.

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre demain
  • Math: Terminating/Repeating Decimals (back side of sheet to complete for tomorrow)
    • Test Corrections accepted until Wednesday
    • Organ Job Application due EOD demain (will give a little time in class)


Happy weekend, everyone! Just a quick reminder to revise and correct your Mesopotamian Government paragraphs and reshare with me. I am currently looking over the ones I have received and am definitely missing some.

***Also- don’t forgot to do your Math test corrections, I will be collecting those tomorrow!**

À demain!