LFM Jour 13 – jeudi le 30 avril

Bonjour division 1!

There is no morning meeting on Teams today. Instead, I will post a video explaining the day/assignments at 9am in the channel “Travail pour Mme.A”.  I am looking forward to chatting with you today through direct message on Teams (see below for more information!).

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FLEX – Access the science podcasts here:



Reflection questions for FLEX – Science podcasts:

  1. Which podcast did you choose to listen to and why? (Did the title grab your attention? Did the topic interest you more than the others?) ​
  2. What is one thing that you learned in this podcast? ​
  3. What is one thing that you still wonder and why? (Remember you are a scientist! This means that you continuously question the information presented to you!) 

LFM Jour 12- mercredi le 29 avril





Stem 1

La Course des Tuques

PE- YouTube Video #1         PE- YouTube Video #2          PE- YouTube Video #3

PE- Music Playlist- YouTube          PE- Music Playlist- Spotify

Quarantine Music Song #1       Quarantine Music Song #2

Quarantine Music Song #3       Quarantine Music Song #4

Quarantine Music Song #5.      Quarantine Music Song #6

Quarantine Music Song #7.      Quarantine Music Song #8

Learn From Home Week 3

LFH Week 3

How was week 2 for everyone? I sort of feel like we are settling into a bit of a groove? The students seem to be getting a hang of the schedule and are very successful in getting their work done. Bravo les amis!

Some things for this coming week should be familiar, like the Whole Class Meeting, Small Groups, and the Faire le Points. We are continuing to tackle new Math (yes, they can be using a calculator), and we are going to try a STEM challenge this week.

Lastly, the main focus continues to be on overall mental well being. Students’ (and their families) main focus should be on staying positive, feeling connected and maintaining or keeping their anxiety at a minimum. Students should be spending quality time doing things that positively contribute to their mental wellbeing, like reading, drawing, spending time with family/pets, getting outside, exercising etc. Everyone is different, therefore these activities will all be individually dependent. Mme Askimakis and I are always available to help with anything, please reach out!

Here’s to a great week 3!