LFM Jour 4 – vendredi le 17 avril

It was so lovely seeing all of you yesterday! Thank you for making time to come grab your stuff and visit with me. Sorry if I seemed a bit hectic, I’m not used to having to rush around to get things done 🙂

This morning I am doing a live meeting to explain the day’s plans but I will be recording it. If you happen to be on Teams at 9:00am join and ask questions, otherwise, watch the video when you get on.

**edit- Office Hours Today will be 9h30-10h00 and 1h30-2h30**


Multiplying Decimals Link

Converting Fractions to Decimals Link

Grade 6/7 Teacher Kahoot Challenge Link (pick a nickname so we know it’s you!)

I will post next’s week overview on Sunday, bonne fin de semaine!