Learn From Home Week 2

LFM Week 2

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It looks like our good luck with nice weather is coming to an end… enjoy it tomorrow!

First, a couple reflections now that Week 1 is behind us. First, THANK YOU PARENTS! Your support and encouragement in having your child log on and be engaged in our learning from home has been amazing. Mme Asimakis and I really appreciate it. Second, your children are definitely looking for things to do. Several reported in Friday’s Check In that they would like more work/activities, and we have acquiesced! That being said, we are still aiming for about 40 minutes per content area (so just over 2.5 hours total) a day. If your child is spending more than that (again, per content area), then there may be an issue. Please reach out to us if this occurs.

A few things to note about this coming week- First, I will be starting to post some assignments on Teams. During tomorrow’s Class Meeting (10am) I will show the students how to access them. Next, I would like to start small group meetings on Tuesday. Students will be asked to start speaking on microphones and perhaps appearing on camera. A couple of things are needed for this to happen. One, a quiet space. No blaring music, no arguing siblings (if possible). Two- as neutral a backdrop as possible. Preferably, nothing obscene/inappropriate. Please note, appearing on camera is not mandatory, but speaking on mic will be strongly encouraged, hence the small groups. As well, if your child has access to a headset with a microphone it eliminates a lot of the ambient noise. Again, I will be explaining all this to the class at tomorrow’s meeting.

À demain!