Learn From Home Week 2

LFM Week 2

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It looks like our good luck with nice weather is coming to an end… enjoy it tomorrow!

First, a couple reflections now that Week 1 is behind us. First, THANK YOU PARENTS! Your support and encouragement in having your child log on and be engaged in our learning from home has been amazing. Mme Asimakis and I really appreciate it. Second, your children are definitely looking for things to do. Several reported in Friday’s Check In that they would like more work/activities, and we have acquiesced! That being said, we are still aiming for about 40 minutes per content area (so just over 2.5 hours total) a day. If your child is spending more than that (again, per content area), then there may be an issue. Please reach out to us if this occurs.

A few things to note about this coming week- First, I will be starting to post some assignments on Teams. During tomorrow’s Class Meeting (10am) I will show the students how to access them. Next, I would like to start small group meetings on Tuesday. Students will be asked to start speaking on microphones and perhaps appearing on camera. A couple of things are needed for this to happen. One, a quiet space. No blaring music, no arguing siblings (if possible). Two- as neutral a backdrop as possible. Preferably, nothing obscene/inappropriate. Please note, appearing on camera is not mandatory, but speaking on mic will be strongly encouraged, hence the small groups. As well, if your child has access to a headset with a microphone it eliminates a lot of the ambient noise. Again, I will be explaining all this to the class at tomorrow’s meeting.

Ă€ demain!

LFM Jour 4 – vendredi le 17 avril

It was so lovely seeing all of you yesterday! Thank you for making time to come grab your stuff and visit with me. Sorry if I seemed a bit hectic, I’m not used to having to rush around to get things done 🙂

This morning I am doing a live meeting to explain the day’s plans but I will be recording it. If you happen to be on Teams at 9:00am join and ask questions, otherwise, watch the video when you get on.

**edit- Office Hours Today will be 9h30-10h00 and 1h30-2h30**


Multiplying Decimals Link

Converting Fractions to Decimals Link

Grade 6/7 Teacher Kahoot Challenge Link (pick a nickname so we know it’s you!)

I will post next’s week overview on Sunday, bonne fin de semaine!

LFM Jour 3- jeudi le 15 avril


Bonjour division 1!

Mme.Asimakis popping on the blog today! I hope all students and their families are doing well and are enjoying this beautiful weather. Please note, pick up is between 11am – 1pm today for student’s belongings. Mme.Soo is very excited to see you all!

Je suis ravie de vous “voir” tous à notre réunion de classe à 9h 30 (si vous êtes disponible).

Voici aussi le lien pour la forme pour notre Flex activité aujourd’hui: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=rvqr_Ar4dE-2p7oVwqS7JHoc6spCVzRHrJy8mRgiSwxUNEIxSUk1TjJDVlkyNDRKN1pITFdPTkRORi4u

Vous avez jusqu’à mercredi pour le compléter.


Ă€ bientĂ´t mes amis!


Mercredi le 8 avril

So today was weird. I went in to the Chalet to pack up your supplies and materials so they can be picked up next week. It was eerie being there during the day without you. There are also several pairs of shoes, some clothes and a couple clarinets to claim when you come through.EAE33502-A66F-4F44-A1AA-5E7397BC9B77

Tomorrow I will be sending out a hefty email for you to digest over the Easter weekend. It will contain information related to supply pick up next Thursday AND the start of “learning from home” on Tuesday.

I hope you are still well, and keeping your spirits up. It was such a beautiful day today!

Ă€ demain!


lundi le 6 avril

Good afternoon!

As promised, here is my first check in/update for the week. Mme Asimakis and I will be spending this week planning and preparing for the official launch of LEARN FROM HOME SPRING 2020!! (cheers echoing in the distance)

You will from me/her/us a couple more times this week, as we get more and more settled in place. It will likely be platforms/websites to get acquainted/comfortable with and information related to picking up supplies/material from the chalet etc. I am also thinking about hosting a class chat/meet/practice thing later this week (details tbd) to get comfortable with that process.

Just a reminder that this Friday is Good Friday and next Monday is Easter Monday (both holidays) and we will not be available to communicate those days.

We really enjoyed chatting/catching up with everyone last week, thank you for taking the time out of your day to do that. Glad everyone is doing as well as they can be. Remember, if your situation changes, please let us know so we can help in whatever we way we can.

As much as this week feels like another week “off”, we will be suggesting some things soon to start getting everyone into somewhat of a routine, in anticipation for next week. At the same time, our health and well-being are the most important aspects to focus on, so keep doing the things that help you stay calm, reduce anxiety and make you happy. I strongly suggest getting outside at least once (but more if possible!), take a walk, play a sport or game, or just sit and enjoy the elements.

We miss you all, and will be in touch soon ❤