le 6 novembre

Cabin fever is real! In case you didn’t hear, yesterday things got a little crazy in the chalet. Mme K and Mrs King had to intervene and have a big discussion about appropriate behaviour. We then continued that discussion this morning, and the class seemed really receptive. Unfortunately, being in a learning group all by ourselves, we don’t get a break from each other. That means we need to find creative ways to take a break from each other, and more importantly, recognize when we need a break.

We also continued our discussion of Black Lives Matter. We watched the TedTalk of the founder of the movement. I wrote some key takeaways on the board and we went through them. I love hearing the students’ input; personal stories, questions, opinions. All so powerful. And some amazing connections made too!

Les Devoirs:

  • orchestre lundi
  • Assemblé du Jour de Souvenir mardi
  • Examen de Dictee 5 mardi
  • Jour de Souvenir mercredi
  • Projet de SH #2 due vendredi

À lundi!