le 9 novembre

Welcome to Remembrance Day week! Today and tomorrow we will focus on acknowledging and honouring everyone who has served to maintain peace and freedom in our country and world. We created a collaborative art piece to hang in our room this week, and tomorrow we will have our virtual Remembrance Day assembly. I will have a poppy for every student tomorrow who needs one.

Here are some students assembling the art piece.

Brrrr it was chilly today!! Just a reminder for everyone to dress accordingly!

If we could have hoodie orders in by Friday, we can insure we will get them before winter break. Even if you pay online, we still need a paper copy of the order form. Please let me know if you need a printed copy.

Examen de Dictee Au Champ d’Honneur demain:

Les Devoirs:

  • Examen de Dictee Au Champ d’Honneur demain
  • Assemblé- Jour du Souvenir demain
  • Jour du Souvenir mercredi (pas d’école)
  • Projet de SH due vendredi

À demain!