Le 18 décembre

We made it!!! A full term under covid restrictions and uncertainty and everything. Everyone definitely gets a big pat on the back. Thank you so so so much, parents, for all your hard work and support this term, Mme K and I really appreciate it.

Another successful wrap-a-table campaign this year!

We had a fun day, we watched the JKE Concert, we played some kahoot, we watched The Croods and ate some yumyums. We also saw the trailer for The Croods 2 and it looks really good! It was released today for rental if you need something new to watch 🙂

Thank you so very much for the sweet gifts. So much thought went into them and they will be out to good use. The heartfelt messages in your cards are always my favourite part 💜

Mme K and I wish you all a wonderful, restful and safe holiday break, and if you’re celebrating anything, have a wonderful time! While the plan is to see you all again on Jan 5, who knows what will happen between then and now. Until then, let us not fret on what we can’t control, and enjoy some quality time wit one we love.

le 18 décembre

Hello all! Mme Kloosterhof here.

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and cards! You all are so thoughtful, thank you.

This Thursday went a bit better than the last few–we will continue to work on this in the new year. Thank you again for your continued support!

Have a wonderful, restful break. See you again in 2021!

Enjoying a coffee from you all 😉
Merry Christmas!

Le 16 décembre

Today’s theme was “The 12 Days”

We also did a little activity and sent it along to our little buddies. Our snow people turned out quite adorable.

We have 2 days left! Hoping for a positive last day before break with Mme K tomorrow and myself on Friday.

À demain!

Le 15 décembre

What a fun day today! In French, the students are creating Winter Drink recipes, and can use whatever ingredients they want, they are turning out really interesting! As well, we played a fun drawing activity with our eyes closed! Some of their drawings were quite hilarious 😅

Just a reminder that we are trying to Load the Library with food for the food bank.

Les Devoirs:

  • Education physique et orchestre demain
  • Festive Friday… on Friday 😁

À demain!

Le 14 décembre

Hope you had a lovely, restful weekend! We have 1 week left til Winter Break, we can do it!

Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful gift, I am so touched! 💜

Just a reminder we are trying to Load The Library with food for the Food Bank if you able to help out.

Festive Friday is this week!!

À demain!

Le 11 décembre

What a busy but productive day! We added the finishing touches to our marble runs before they were timed and filmed. Every group was able to build a track that allowed for a marble to travel in some capacity, well done. Our longest run lasted 52 seconds, bravo! I will add the videos to Teams for you to share with your family.

We also played around with forced perspective photography today, and students caught on fast. I love the creativity that started to develop. We will continue to play around with this next week.

Term 1 Report Cards should have been published to MyEd.

Les Devoirs:

  • Quiz- Verbes 2me Groupe (finir) au présent lundi
  • Quiz- Les homophones ou/où lundi
  • Orchestre lundi
  • vendredi- Festive Friday
  • « Load the Library » with food for the food bank all week

Le 10 décembre

Good afternoon Div. 1 famillies.

Over the past couple weeks I have noticed some behaviour on Thursdays that we need to work on as a class. We had a chat at lunch today, and I reminded the students that Mme. Soo’s expectations and mine are the same throughout the week. However, some students have become quite rude on Thursdays–talking back, not listening to instructions, interrupting myself or other students, wandering around the room, and talking out of turn.

This is not okay. Behaviour like this impacts the whole class, and hinders our learning potential. Would you mind checking in with your child, and reminding them of appropriate classroom behaviour?

Your continued support is appreciated,

–Mme Kloosterhof

Le 9 décembre

Wednesday’s are so busy!!! We got to try out full court volleyball games today, always a more significant challenge than the smaller courts we start with.

The class is super into their marble runs, and have been working so hard on creating some creative and intricate tracks! We will add our finishing touches and do our final timed runs on Friday.

Les Devoirs

  • Final ADST presentations demain
  • vendredi- Examen de Dictée 7
    • Les bulletins publiées
  • lundi- Quiz: Verbes du 2me groupe au present
    • Quiz: Les homophones ou/où

Le 7 décembre

Preview of our contribution to the JKE Holiday video

So nice to have everyone back today 🙂

We started a fun ADST challenge today- marble runs! Every grade 6/7 class has been challenged to make the longest marble run, and the best submission from each class will be shown to all classes. Students are welcome to bring supplies from home- we are using paper/cardboard recyclables only please.

À demain!

Le 4 décembre

Something to celebrate today- everyone present started AND FINISHED a writing assignment today!! It took them the better part of the morning, but they got it done. Super proud and super happy of this accomplishment!

Merci à Leila for organizing the class party today. It was a pretty chill party, but everyone seemed content. A nice way to wrap up our week.

Les Devoirs:

  • Final ADST presentations jeudi
  • do something interesting this weekend and be ready to share!