Le 18 décembre

We made it!!! A full term under covid restrictions and uncertainty and everything. Everyone definitely gets a big pat on the back. Thank you so so so much, parents, for all your hard work and support this term, Mme K and I really appreciate it.

Another successful wrap-a-table campaign this year!

We had a fun day, we watched the JKE Concert, we played some kahoot, we watched The Croods and ate some yumyums. We also saw the trailer for The Croods 2 and it looks really good! It was released today for rental if you need something new to watch 🙂

Thank you so very much for the sweet gifts. So much thought went into them and they will be out to good use. The heartfelt messages in your cards are always my favourite part 💜

Mme K and I wish you all a wonderful, restful and safe holiday break, and if you’re celebrating anything, have a wonderful time! While the plan is to see you all again on Jan 5, who knows what will happen between then and now. Until then, let us not fret on what we can’t control, and enjoy some quality time wit one we love.