Le 8 janvier

Happy Friday!
The students worked hard today, in both French and English. We finished the way with some fitness and open gym and a quick work block.

Next week we officially start Concours d’Arts Oratoire, the annual French speech competition. In 6 weeks, students will research, write, revise, practice and present their 3-5 minute speeches on the topic of their choice. On Monday, we will Review the criteria and rules and go over the schedule, and students will spend the week brainstorming possible topics and conducting research. Students will need to have their topics chosen for Friday. I encouraged students to think about possible topics over the weekend, ESPECIALLY about topics that are more than just described. Students always find more success when their topic contains a « so what » element. I will be suggesting that students who have their own laptops bring them to school if you and they are comfortable, as ours here are 100% not reliable and using iPads is not ideal.

Otherwise, Monday we have Band.

Have a lovely weekend! À lundi!