le 22 janvier

Just wanted to pass along my smile and merci to Div 1 for being “awesome for the TTOC” (from Mrs King) on Wednesday afternoon (I had a family emergency to attend) and for having a good day yesterday. On top of that, we had a great day! Lots of random catch up things: we had a gallery walk for our Proficiency Scale projects (they are amazing!), we put up our Space Exploration timelines around the room, worked quietly and diligently on our speeches (bravo!), behaved very well during the earthquake drill, did a little of art (can’t wait for the finished product) and finished our day in the gym. A well deserved weekend for everyone!

On the topic of Concours, I strongly urged the students to have the middle paragraphs of their speech done ASAP (before Monday would be ideal). A good target is 3 decent sized paragraphs minimum. We will be focusing on writing strong and engaging introductions and conclusions next week, which are easier to write if the body is complete. If you have a moment, would you mind following up with your child about where they are in the process, it helps if they are being held accountable from both ends 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Les Devoirs:

  • BYOD- Concours (Mon-Wed et Fri)
  • Orchestre lundi
  • Math- Adding Decimals

Bonne fin de semaine!