Le 29 janvier

**EDIT** Students went home with an envelope from the Langley Teachers’ Association with information regarding the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSAs), which our class is due to write in the coming weeks. PLEASE read the information and if you would like more, the BC Teachers’ Federation has a Parent’s Page with our stance on the FSAs. If you would like your child to NOT write the FSAs this year, you need to fill out the letter in the envelope and send it back to school. Unfortunately, this alone will not excuse your child, Mrs Simonetto or Mrs King will reach out to you for a further conversation.

Life lessons were learned in the Chalet this afternoon- how to pinch open a plastic Pixie stick, and how to eat do you don’t clog the opening. You’re welcome!

Les Devoirs:

  • Orchestre lundi
  • Concours- revision/correction/peer editing next week

Bonne fin de semaine!