le 19 fevrier

Concours! We are (basically) done! As I said to the class, I was very impressed with the topics and the presentations. I know it’s a tough task, but its also a great learning experience. I didn’t mention this in class today but, while the CPF is not holding the actual Concours this year, we still want to share out our hard work with the other classes that have participated at JKE. I will be selecting 2 speeches that I think would have done well at the competition level, and filming them to be shown to the other 2 classes. We will also get to see speeches from some of their students in return. I will have more info on that next week.

Math Test on Tuesday! Operations with decimals! There will be equations to solve and word problems to get through. Review your notes and any/all work we have done (often I take questions right from them!). Need more? Find some YouTube vids to explain the process, and/or ask around!

Monday is a day off for students. It’s report card season!

Wishing you all a(nother) lovely long weekend. A mardi!