Le 12 mars

We have made it to Spring Break! A big pat on the back to the students for working through the craziness of term 2, and to parents and families for supporting and assisting them. After intense report writing and productive and constructive conferences, Mme K and I are ready to enjoy the break before Term 3 starts up.

The class seemed to enjoy the movie today, hopefully you get to chat about it. We also enjoyed some yum yum from the class store and thanks to Leila from bringing in some cookies!

During our Grande Ménage this morning, students were encouraged to inventory their supplies and make note of anything that needs replacing or topping up. If you wouldn’t mind checking in with them, we’d really appreciate it. It seemed like many students are out of writing implements like pencils, and many don’t have a calculator, which we will be using moving forward. We will also be using the compass in our geometry kits.

Mme K and I wish you all a restful and enjoyable break, and to enjoy the outside as much as possible! We will you back on March 29!

Bonnes Vacances!