le 29 mars

Welcome back! Hoping you all had a lovely break. I spent much of mine following birds around, as that is my daughter’s current obsession. Seems like many of us experienced some power outages yesterday.

We eased back into things today, with a bit of French and some Socials, and we will gradually take on more as the week goes on. Keep in mind that this week and next are 4 day weeks for Easter.

Starting tomorrow, Mme Riznek’s class will be joining our learning group. This is so that all the French Immersion grade sevens can be in the same learning group. We believe that after the two week break that this is the best time for the change to happen. They will join our outside recess zone rotation, and will allow us to engage in learning activities during the day, when applicable. Most importantly, as we near the end of the year, we can participate in Farewell and other celebrations together. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Myself, Mme Riznek, M Chan, Mrs Simonetto and Mrs King have been in conversations since January to make this transition as safe and effective as possible for everyone.

Les Devoirs:

  • page titre (Les Civilations Anciennes) due EOD demain
  • mercredi- Education Physique et Orchestre
  • vendredi et lundi- Jours de Congé

À demain!

(P.S. I don’t have any official information to share regarding the new/updated announcements from Public Health other than what was shared from Dr Bonnie Henry this afternoon. As clarification emerges from the district and administration here, I will pass it along.)